Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'twas the night before weigh in

I'm nervous today. It's bizarre- I know I've been good this week. I've eaten reasonably, stayed within my allotted points and hauled my lycra-clad butt onto the treadmill four times.

But I'm weighing in tomorrow, and I'm nervous, because I want that number to be down. I set a mini-goal for my birthday, April 7, and I don't think I'm going to reach it unless I see big losses every week between now and then.

It can get really discouraging to work really hard and then see no movement on the scale, or a small loss, or a gain. It doesn't seem fair! It doesn't seem right! It's infuriating sometimes!

But I know my body does good things for me, and I'm trying really hard to do good things for it. I only get one, and I'm stuck with it, so it had better last and I had better take good care of it!!

Tonight after work I came home, got undressed with the intention of putting on my gym togs, and then...stalled. The bed, the sunlight, it was all soo tempting.

So I lolled about for twenty minutes. Ahh, sweet, sweet down time.

Then I got up, got dressed, and hussled down to do Week Two, Day One of the C25K. And I'm not going to BS you- it sucked. The first half of it sucked. Then it got better. Then it was over.

This week, the running interval is upped to 90 seconds, and the walking is also (thank GOD) upped to 2 minutes. Again, post-warmup, you alternate the two for twenty minutes, then cool down.

I have to laugh- it's really pathetic, but funny, that running for 90 seconds makes me want to die.

But I did it. I did it at a higher speed than I did the running intervals on Sunday, and for the last round, I really gave 'er.

And I finished it.

It is yet to be seen whether I die tonight or early tomorrow morning from pain related to running for a full minute and a half. I'll keep you updated. ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

C25K: Week One, Day Three

I am a chump who loves punishment.

I don't usually work out on Sundays, but I found myself with an abundance of Me Time this afternoon, and when the decision came down to do laundry or go exercise, I opted for the workout.

I didn't really want to do the C25K today. I've been really sore all weekend, particularly in my hips and my shoulders. I definitely need new running shoes- the ones I got at the Bay for $15 four years ago are really about to give up!

I went down to the fitness room with the intention of cycling for 30 minutes, or maybe using the eliptical, but the room was empty and surprising myself, I gunned straight for the treadmill.

I ran the intervals at a slower pace today, but still did the entire workout. On Friday, I tried to up my speed considerably, but I just wasn't feeling it today. I'm still proud of myself, even if I jogged at a pathetic 4-4.5 mph.

I'm trying now to focus on endurance- just jogging or running for 30 minutes straight is going to be a challenge! Once I get there, then I'll try to ramp up my speed. Any runners lurking? Does that sound reasonable, or am I doing it backwards?

Friday, March 13, 2009

C25K: Week One, Day Two

Well, I did it again.

I can't say that it was easy. Actually, today's workout was harder than the last one, and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm really feeling it in my hips, and I think my shoes are almost to the point of tossing them in the dumpster.

But I'm proud of myself, for doing it again. It would have been so easy to not do the C25K workout today; it's Friday, yesterday was an awful, awful day, and I'm tired!

But of course, as always, I feel so much better physically and emotionally now that I've worked out.

And I don't feel so bad about the deeeelicious ginger beef I had for lunch.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Couch to 5 K: Week One, Day One

I did it!

I was lucky enough to have the fitness room to myself last night after work, so I wasn't even remotely shy.

Week One involves a 5-minute warm up, and then intervals of 60 seconds of jogging or running and 90 seconds of walking. I did the intervals for the prescribed 20 minutes, then did a 5-minute cool down and a stretch.

I kept a reasonable pace of jogging and walking intervals, but I didn't over-do it. I can even walk this morning. Yay for me!

Someday soon, I'll be that fit, spunky girl running by the river, through the countryside, around medieval cities in Europe (when I go to Germany in June), along the beach. Hotness ensues.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couch to 5K Day One: Failure to Launch

I hate running.

Running reminds me of being in junior high and high school. Of playing basketball and volleyball and being on the track team, and always being the slowest. It's embarassment, it's letting a team down, it's sitting on the bench because I just wasn't strong or fast enough.

Running makes me feel bad about myself, about my body and the things I'm capable of.

So why the heck am I starting a running program that aims to get me from not ever running to running 5 km non-stop?

Because I want to feel good about myself. I want to know that my body is capable of so much more than I give it credit for. Because I want that poor chubby teenage girl I carry around inside me to finally feel good about herself.

And because running is something you can do anywhere. It's cheap. It can be done outside, inside, on vacation.

So yesterday, I downloaded and printed off this program, which I've had bookmarked for years. I laced up my runners, powered up my iPod shuffle and headed to the fitness room in our building. I was psyched. I was psyched to start a new program, to cross things off a training schedule and just to get going.

But when I got downstairs, there was someone on the treadmill. I thought, okay, I'll just warm up on the bike and I'm sure he'll be done in 10 minutes anyway.

40 minutes and one moderately-intense cross-circuit on the bike later, dude was still walking on the treadmill, I was sweaty, and Day One was a bust.

Today. Today I will start. Today will be the day.

Fingers crossed.

WI: March 11

I was up 0.4 lbs today.

Which I suppose isn't too bad. This is my first gain in 8 weeks, and I'm still following weight watchers to the letter. I'm sure I'll see the numbers go back down next week.

Considering that when I stepped on the scale on Monday for my unofficial weigh in (the one that prompted my change in weigh in days), I was up 2.6 lbs; not so bad.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Changing my Weigh-in Day

I usually weigh myself on Mondays. I try really hard not to step on the scale more than once a week, because the numbers drive me crazy.

I picked Mondays because I thought it would keep me from going nuts on the weekend. I tend to eat way more- almost twice as much- on Saturdays and Sundays than I do during the week, and I thought that knowing I had to weigh in on Monday would help curtail that.

But it hasn't been, and I find it really stressful to step on the scale after the weekend. I want to enjoy my life, in moderation, and I don't want to sabotage myself because one or two days out of seven I ate a little more and the numbers are up.

So I'm moving my weigh in day to Wednesday.

I'll be honest- I stepped on the scale this morning and didn't like what I saw. But I know that yesterday's brunch and grilled cheese dinner didn't help- and that maybe by Wednesday things will level out.

Here's hoping.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Watching Skinny People

I've always been the person at the table who is bitter about the fact that her skinny friends can eat whatever they want and stay skinny.

Lately, I've been observing what one of my coworkers eats on a regular basis. She's very fit, quite athletic, and really healthy.

She doesn't eat sweets because she doesn't like them, which doesn't help me out any, but I have learned that the key to her "eating whatever I want" appears to be as simple as portion control and moderation.

When I'm not trying to lose weight, I eat whatever I want. I am fortunate enough, I suppose, to have a body that doesn't show an extra 15 lbs. (This is also a downside because now I've lost 15 lbs and it's not noticeable!) But that means that every single day, I eat something fried, something from the pastry case at starbucks, a snack from the convenience store.

My coworker doesn't. She eats ice cream and chinese food and pizza- but not all in one day. Not heaping platters. Not every day.

My ultimate goal, aside from losing the 40 lbs I've set my Weight Watchers goal as, is to be healthy. To fuel my body with the nutrients it needs, to eat less processed food, to be fit. There is room for ice cream and pizza in that lifestyle, I just need to learn a few lessons first.

Does anyone have any ideas for books or websites that might help me? I've heard so much about the book The Beck Diet Solution but I've never looked at it. Any ideas?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hump Day!

Last night I tried out one of my new workout dvd purchases. I couldn't get the disc to run on my ibook, but I ran it through my boyfriend's computer. It's fun following a workout video on a computer monitor...har. I'll have to get him to teach me how to switch the output feed to our 33 inch tv instead.

The disc I tried out was Crunch Fitness' Go Go Dance. I'm going to do it one more time before I review it thoroughly, but it was a decent workout. Sometimes I don't feel like hauling myself down to the X-CENTRE! and just want to work up a sweat. This video is good to have on hand for those occasions.

I don't know why I think anyone would be interested in what I ate today...but here's the roundup so far!

At home, 8:00 am
1 slice whole-wheat toast
1 tbs natural peanut butter

At the office, 10:30 am
1 cup cottage cheese
1 tbs reduced-sugar strawberry jam

Out for lunch, 1:30 pm
3 cups mixed greens
1 grilled chicken breast
1 tbs viniagrette (on the side, I dip my fork in. I don't really like dressing!)

Sitting on my desk for a snack is a smores Luna bar, but I'm not really hungry. I've tracked it already, so I might eat it, or I might save it for tomorrow. I haven't a clue what I'm going to make for dinner tonight- and that's unusual!! I really don't feel like cooking, and tomorrow I'm making Italian Wedding Soup so maybe I can convince el boyfriendo to take me out or make something for me :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going to the Diner

Last night an old friend of mine was in town and wanted to go out for dinner. I'm all for going out for dinner- WW is really flexible, and this is something I'm going to have to do for the rest of my life. I can't very well avoid restaurants for eternity, can I?

She wanted to go to our favourite old hangout, a 50's style diner. We used to go for brunch on Sundays, hung over and barely held together. The hashbrowns, sausage, home-made bread with slabs of butter and their pecan pie held us together after many breakups, bad exam results, friend dramas and assorted and sundry early 20's worries.

I had 7 points left over from the day, because of an unexpected office birthday party and a craving for a cookie at lunchtime. I also had my 35 weekly points to use, so I knew if I made reasonable choices, I'd be fine.

I was torn between three options: a spinach and roasted vegetable salad, a grilled cheese sandwich and their deluxe, giant, bubbling, hot creamy macaroni and cheese.

I decided to split the difference and get the grilled cheese sandwich with a side salad. It was good- crunchy, cheesy, and filling. I ate half the sandwich and the whole salad, and brought the rest home for my boyfriend.

And I skipped the pecan pie.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weigh In: Monday, March 2

This morning I was down 2.2 lbs, for a total of 15 lbs since I started Weight Watchers again on January 12th. I met my goal for the month of February!

I feel great. I feel really, really great. Only 6.4 lbs to go until I've lost 10% of my starting body weight. Woo hoo!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goals for the week

I've heard that it is important to set goals. I believe it, and on the grand scale, I definitely have a goal. My mini-goal for February was to be 14 pounds or more below my starting weight- and tomorrow morning I'll find out if I made that goal or not. 1.4 lbs or more and I'll have done it!

For the month of March, I'd like to hit my 10% weight loss goal. I'm still squeamish about posting those actual numbers, but I might come around.

This week, I am determined to:

-go to the gym/work out at least 3 times
-Eat all of my Daily Points and Weekly Points, and half or more of my earned Activity Points
-Make sure I meet each day's Good Health Guidelines for dairy, vegetables, fruit, multivitamin and "healthy oil"

Hopefully the result I'll see is a good one! My new workout DVDs should be in this week- I'll be posting a review of them after I've tried them out a few times.