Monday, March 9, 2009

Changing my Weigh-in Day

I usually weigh myself on Mondays. I try really hard not to step on the scale more than once a week, because the numbers drive me crazy.

I picked Mondays because I thought it would keep me from going nuts on the weekend. I tend to eat way more- almost twice as much- on Saturdays and Sundays than I do during the week, and I thought that knowing I had to weigh in on Monday would help curtail that.

But it hasn't been, and I find it really stressful to step on the scale after the weekend. I want to enjoy my life, in moderation, and I don't want to sabotage myself because one or two days out of seven I ate a little more and the numbers are up.

So I'm moving my weigh in day to Wednesday.

I'll be honest- I stepped on the scale this morning and didn't like what I saw. But I know that yesterday's brunch and grilled cheese dinner didn't help- and that maybe by Wednesday things will level out.

Here's hoping.

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Jenny said...

Weekends tend to be hard for me too. They are the days which I don't usually record on paper what I'm eating. I changed my weigh ins to Tuesdays. Giving myself one day to drink all that salt away :)