Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'twas the night before weigh in

I'm nervous today. It's bizarre- I know I've been good this week. I've eaten reasonably, stayed within my allotted points and hauled my lycra-clad butt onto the treadmill four times.

But I'm weighing in tomorrow, and I'm nervous, because I want that number to be down. I set a mini-goal for my birthday, April 7, and I don't think I'm going to reach it unless I see big losses every week between now and then.

It can get really discouraging to work really hard and then see no movement on the scale, or a small loss, or a gain. It doesn't seem fair! It doesn't seem right! It's infuriating sometimes!

But I know my body does good things for me, and I'm trying really hard to do good things for it. I only get one, and I'm stuck with it, so it had better last and I had better take good care of it!!

Tonight after work I came home, got undressed with the intention of putting on my gym togs, and then...stalled. The bed, the sunlight, it was all soo tempting.

So I lolled about for twenty minutes. Ahh, sweet, sweet down time.

Then I got up, got dressed, and hussled down to do Week Two, Day One of the C25K. And I'm not going to BS you- it sucked. The first half of it sucked. Then it got better. Then it was over.

This week, the running interval is upped to 90 seconds, and the walking is also (thank GOD) upped to 2 minutes. Again, post-warmup, you alternate the two for twenty minutes, then cool down.

I have to laugh- it's really pathetic, but funny, that running for 90 seconds makes me want to die.

But I did it. I did it at a higher speed than I did the running intervals on Sunday, and for the last round, I really gave 'er.

And I finished it.

It is yet to be seen whether I die tonight or early tomorrow morning from pain related to running for a full minute and a half. I'll keep you updated. ;)


Lady Rose said...

you've left us hanging...

Lady Rose said...

ah, still hanging...

no post about how many calories you suspect might have been in the Banff brunch?