Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fresh Start

Day one of being back on track went remarkably well. It's not hard, following Weight Watchers. It's eating like a normal human being. A normal human being without a proclivity towards poutine, sure, but a relatively normal human being.

I attended an event last weekend with a silent auction. I got a phone call yesterday afternoon and apparently I won one of the packages. I only bid on two, a gift bag from a local coffee shop, and a package from a private fitness studio in the neighbourhood I used to live in.

I won the fitness package!

For $50, I got two 3 month memberships and two steel water bottles. If they won't let me combine the two memberships into one 6-month membership, I've already got a gym buddy on the hook.

I am pumped. This news could not come at a better time, as the treadmill in our building is kaput and knowing our building management company, may never be repaired.
With two months to go until my cousin's wedding, and about three until my trip to Europe- I've got a long road ahead but a great head start.

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