Friday, May 14, 2010

The good and the bad

Good: I'm very proud of myself - I completed two killer workouts this week, with plans to keep up the momentum. Tonight I'm going to go for a swim and tomorrow I'll go to the gym with Gary.
Bad: I'm so sore I can barely walk. Actually, I can barely sit down. It hurts to live.
Good: Great VIP party last night at work  -  great music, great guest list, gorgeous art. I love celebrating our team's success at events like this - it's so rewarding.

Bad: Outrageous spread of delicious fatty treats.

Good: I stuck to raw veggies, a piece of pita and a dab of hummus and one glass of wine.

Bad: Incredible stiffness means I walk around like a 96 year old woman, calling attention to myself. As if I needed any more help in that department.

Good: I was photographed by the society page guy!

Bad: I'm not at my optimal society page weight.

Good: It's FRIDAY!
Bad: I see no bad side of it being FRIDAY!

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