Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now Leaving the State of Denial

I stepped on the scale this morning. That's right, I bit the bullet. I got out of bed, before I jumped in the shower, and hauled the scale out of the dusty back corner of the linen closet, where things I don't want to see go to die.
I stepped on, held my breath, and waited for the digital readout. The number flashed, and I was confused. There was no way in hell I had magically lost 100 lbs in the last year. OMG, gravity is broken!!
Then in my morning bleariness, I realized it was set to kg, not lbs.
I stepped back on the scale and was shocked and disgusted.
I am way, way heavier than I thought I was. I gained back the weight I lost and THEN SOME in all capitals, bolded if I could do that via this posting from email thing.
That's not great news first thing in the morning, before I've had a shower and a cup of coffee and feel even remotely human. But I immediately walked into the living room and signed up for Weight Watchers online. It worked for me before, but I quit because...we'll get into that, or you can read the archives of ye olde blog.
New day, new start, new goal - be less of a giant hippo lady.
Then I had a shower and felt more rational. New day, new start, new goal - lose 5% of my body weight (roughly 12 lbs) by July 11th.


Snowflake said...

It's not easy but you can do it!!! I am cheering you on all the way....wish you lived closer so we could do this together because I am riding in the same boat!!!
Maybe I'll check out the WW website and sign up too!!!

Meg said...

Thanks Mom. You should try it!