Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You know what I realized recently?

I do not want exercise to be hard. I don't want to hurt during OR after. I want to sweat a little bit, feel a rush of endorphins and be a little glowy.

Basically, I want to do Sit and Be Fit with the rest of the formerly-active octogenarians.

I am ashamed of this.

Last night I determined that if I want a hot bod (or even just a reasonably attractive, smaller-than-today bod), I'm actually going to have to actually bust my butt for it.

Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I've done weight watchers before and had great results, so that's okay. But my lazy-arse 40 minutes including cooldown 'cardio' is going to have to go.

So I turned to a source that I have always sort of loathed, and had until now defined as the complete opposite of what I want in a workout:

Tonight I completed the first level for the first time. Yep, everything I thought about Jillian Michaels is true: she is annoying, she is evil, she says stupid 'motivating' things like "you don't quit on me at the finish line" and it includes pushups, which I hate, and it is HARD.

My thighs, they freaking burn.

But it's different. And maybe this time, I'll get different results.

Or I'll collapse and die. But it's worth a shot.


Breanne said...

Bahahaha! I have this. I do this sometimes. I swear at her the entire time. I hate it when she tells me that there's no modifications for jumping jacks and even someone that's 400 pounds can do it. Bitch.

Meg said...

I tried your strategy of yelling f-bombs at the screen. It works!

I also hate that she says "phoning it in at the gym" abut a zillion freaking times.