Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ahh. There is truly nothing like visiting my mom and dad - it's like visiting Camp Relaxation, minus the spa treatments. (Now that I think of it, I bet there's a tube of peel-off cucumber mask and some foot cream kicking around smewhere, left over from my high school days, so there could be spa treatments!) Reading, movies, good food, naps - exactly what I needed after a few stressful weeks!

We got in late last night, after stopping for dinner at (horror) McDonalds. I had planned and accounted for dinner at Quiznos. I was looking forward to Quiznos. I knew what I could eat and how many points were going to be in it, and I had planned my day around it. Surprise! There's no Quiznos anymore on the way home.

So I had a small plain cheeseburger, half a small order of fries and some apple slices. Yes, I had a Happy Meal, minus the toy. I was depressed that I couldn't have 'what I really wanted' but I'm proud that I didn't cave and order a Quarter Pounder and giant fries.

I stuck my 30 Day Shred dvd in my bag and thought that I might do it if I had the chance over the weekend, but I wasn't going to be paranoid about it. As it turns out, my parents had a commitment this afternoon so while Gary puttered around with Dad's sound system, I shredded.

But I didn't bring my weights. And my Dad's are 10 pound weights. The dvd recommends up to 5 pound weights, and at home, I use 3 pound ones (yes, I'm wimpy!).

So I used what I had:

Two of these.

And finally, for dessert tonight my mom found a great cupcake recipe that uses a can of diet soda and two egg whites instead of the oil, eggs and liquid you usually add to a cake mix. One cupcake? 2 points!

The trick to sticking to this plan for me is going to flexibility. I can't eat what I planned? Substitute something reasonable while staying on plan. I don't have what I need to exercise? Figure out a different way to fit activity in. I want a treat? Find a way to make it work.

Three for three so far this weekend. I hope you're having just as great a time! Have you found any substitutions that help you make whatever you're doing work for you?


kait said...

Hi Meg! Just found your blog via twitter, via your other blog. I feel you! I have been on WW for about 2.5 months and it is SO hard. Since I have Celiac (gluten-free/wheat-free) I eat very healthy on a regular basis anyways but for some reason I just can't seem to shed the weight that the other women in the meetings were. Granted they all admitted to eating donuts and milkshakes daily so just eliminating that out of their diet would make them lose so much weight so quickly. I have lost about 7lbs but I am now just sitting at this new weight and I still have about 30 more to go to be at my normal healthy weight. I exercise a lot, ie walking and biking, but I realized that I really need to push it to the next level to actually get going. I recently picked up a copy of Self magazine and they actually have a similar program to WW on their website for FREE! Plus, more exercise programs and diaries. Yesterday I biked to Heritage Park from Mission which was incredible and at some points I thought I was dying but it felt so good. I then walked around HP for 2.5 hrs and biked home again. In the evening I did 45 min of skip rope and 15 min of weights. I feel SO good today. We can be support buddies if you want!!! xo

Meg said...

7 lbs is great! It's really hard to break a plateau or lose weight when you have great eating habits to begin with - as I would assume, not that I know from experience ;)

Exercise is definitely a great way to kick it up a notch! And it's so nice outside - biking and walking are perfect because you can be outdoors! I hear hula-hooping is great exercise, too, and I could totally see you doing that.