Friday, May 28, 2010

Things I would gladly give up

I was having coffee with my lunch-buddy Dana yesterday and the conversation turned to diet and weight loss. Because I'm sort of obsessed with it at the moment.
But we were talking about how one of the big learnings of losing weight is making choices about how you want to spend your daily allotment of calories/points/food group servings/whatever. If you want a glass of wine (or three) on Saturday? Add ten minutes to your cardio, do another set of weights, or don't eat carb-heavy foods that weekend. Sure, it sounds easy. But in practice, it's much, much harder.
Everyone has favourite foods. Or drinks. Everyone needs to learn to make choices to incorporate those favourites, in moderation, into their lives.
I would rather pass on a slice of cake and have cheese on my sandwich. I would rather give up fast food than butter chicken. I'd trade a lifetime of crappy sheet cakes for a great slice of pie every now and then. I'd rather have salad with no bread or treat for lunch than give up pasta at dinner. I'll pass on dessert for an extra piece of pizza. Frankly, I'd rather have food than beer. I'll give up that margarita for an extra taco.
What about you? What are you willing to give up, and in exchange for what special treat?

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Dana said...

Frankly, I would give up food if it meant I could have more wine. I fear admitting that brings me dangerously close to admitting to having a drinking problem, so I am going to back away slowly from that thought - to be dealt with by future Dana.