Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday: WI 2

I was down 2 lbs this morning. That brings my total loss so far to 5.2 lbs, if anyone is keeping track (I'm sure it's just me...)
Tonight we're ordering in Chinese food with some friends. This is going to be challenging - the kind of chinese food I like the best is the fried fatty stuff in the sweet, spicy, sticky sauce. I've decided I'm going to have a salad immediately after work, and then have just a little bit of my favourites - ginger beef and sweet and sour chicken, with some rice and veggies.
What type of cuisine is your favourite? How do you fit it into your eating plan, or have you made it off-limits? My favourite is Mexican, and last night we made a taco salad with ground turkey breast, lots of lettuce and salsa, a little bit of cheese and a few of the expensive, organic tortilla chips. Much lighter than enchiladas, that's for sure. I have leftovers for lunch - can't wait!


RescuingLisa said...

Congrats on the loss - that is so awesome! My absolute favourite food is Mexican too - I alter it to make it more points friendly - using non-fat plain greek yogurt in the place of sour cream and no cheese.

If you like mexican you might be a fan of chili too? I love it and eat chili about 3 times/ week with the non-fat yogurt.... give it a try - you are doing awesome!

♥AbbeyMaybe said...

DUDE you are kicking ass.

If you ever feel like you need a workout buddy, let me know.

Snowflake said...

WTG!!! You did a fantastic job this week, lots of meals out and being away from home and you had a loss!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
I love Mexican and Italian...on the search for good, low cal recipes to add to my cookbook!!!

Breanne said...

I love hamburgers. So we try bison meat and I sometimes have veggie burgers and weight watchers buns and then I have a salad on the side.

When we eat Mexican though I buy tortilla wraps that are healthier and add only a bit of meat, loading up on the lettuce and salsa with a sprinkle of cheese and a little bit of low/no fat sour cream (to kill the spice that I added with the salsa). Then I get two. And that's it.

Chinese I haven't found a way to get around... even the veggies are bad for you!

Meg said...

Wow - thanks, everybody!! :)

Bre - have you tried those thin hamburger buns? I've seen them at COOP and Superstore in multigrain and white. They're bigger than the weight watchers buns but quite thin, and I think pretty decent fat/calorie wise. I haven't tried them yet but I know I will - I love a good bbq'd burger!

Snowflake said...

I've tried the thin buns (in the US)...they're great!!! Who wants all that bun anyway??

Deb said...

Congrats on your loss. That's awesome and it must feel great.

My weakness is indian food - more specifically butter chicken. Which is made with, lets see... butter, and cream. Not the healthiest choice. I have made a version at home with yogurt instead and it's okay, but not really the same.

Meg said...

I love butter chicken, too. With naan. So un-diet-friendly! I've tried making it at home too, Deb - but you're right, it's not the same.

Breanne said...

I've never tried the thin buns... nor have I seen them. We shop at Costco & Safeway... perhaps I'll have to venture over to Coop though!

Lady Rose said...

When I did WW with my family we would use pitas instead of hamburger buns. I'm not actually a huge fan of hamburger buns so it was an easy exchange for me...and way less points!