Monday, June 7, 2010

a day on plan

This is an example of what I eat on the Weight Watchers plan. This is pretty much a typical day.

This morning started with a cup of coffee at home with a splash of skim milk and a package of splenda. Eventually I want to stop using sweetener in my coffee at all, and just whiten it with milk. A month ago, I used a heavy dose of creamer and two (or more) this is progress! I used to hate skim milk in coffee, but I'm used to it now. I've also cut back significantly on my coffee intake in the past six months, and even more so this month. I'm down to about one cup a day, which is much less than the six to eight cups I was drinking in December.

When I got to work I had breakfast at my desk before our weekly production meeting. This is one packet of whole grain oats (not instant oatmeal) and a sliced banana. This is 3 points and keeps me full until lunch.

For a snack, I had an apple (not know what an apple looks like!) around 10:30. I wasn't hungry but I wanted something to munch on.

At lunch I usually have a salad with a small portion of whatever meat we had at dinner the night before - like chicken breast, kebab, steak, salmon, whatever. Thank god for bbq season! Today I had leftover spanish rice from last night with a half cup of low-fat refried beans mixed in. I ate this with one of the tortillas I bought. Lunch today was 8 points, which is higher than what my normal lunches are but it was really satisfying. A bit salty, but I drank 3 L of water today to compensate for the sodium in today's lunch and last night's fajitas.

I snacked on 20 cherries at about 1:30 and at 3:00 I had one of these yogurts. The cherries were 1 point, the yogurt was also 1 point.

Dinner was the aforementioned crock pot baked potatoes. These were AWESOME! We grilled up two rib-eye steaks and two sweet red peppers. I also had some mixed greens. This was a great dinner. I cut the steak I had in half and ate half (pictured), the other half is for tomorrow's lunch. Dinner was 8.5 points.

This leaves me with 6 points left for the day. WW encourages you to eat ALL of your daily points, which can sometimes be challenging for me. I ate a lot today, and I'm really satisfied. I guess I might have a glass of milk or juice later this evening, but if I'm not hungry when I go to bed I might just leave them.

What do you think? Does it look balanced? Am I crazy?


Kelsey said...

WOO CANADIAN GIRLS <3 hehe. love ur blog!!!! mmm ur eats are delishh

Deb said...

It looks great. You want to come cook for me?

If I were to give one piece of constructive criticism, it's that you should have another serving of dairy. You could have milk with your oatmeal, or cheese on your salad. It would help you hit your points target as well.

Meg said...

Thanks Kelsey and Deb - I do love to cook, but I don't have kids so I have nothing but time and only me to please. Ok, I have to please Gary, too, but he'll eat what I make or else. :)

Thanks for the suggestion about adding more dairy, Deb! I've been wondering lately if I'm getting enough, so I'll take that into consideration.

Breanne said...

You've officially made me hungry... and I think you're much better balanced than I. I'm more of a blow all my points on one meal kind of person. I blame my parents - neither of them eat breakfast, and they rarely eat lunch. While I need to eat lunch... I'm not a big breakfast person. So I try to eat something but it's usually very small and since I'm not typically hungry in the am sometimes I forget about it completely. Then I eat a late lunch (not really sure why... it just happens) and dinner is where I blow my points. And usually dinner is late at night. I frequently work until 6 or later and often have additional commitments in the evening. It's not uncommon for Kev & I to be eating at 9pm. Which I know is not good for the metabolism. I'm just not sure how to make it work otherwise. Too much going on!!!

Meg said...

That's why I usually eat lunch at my desk. I'm not hungry when I wake up, so I have coffee at home and then eat an hour or two later.