Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early Warning Signs

My weigh in is tomorrow and I am anxious and excited.
I'm excited because dang, I have worked HARD in the past two weeks!
I'm anxious because last week I had a smaller loss and I'd really like to see the scale move.
But what concerns me at the moment is that I'm starting to feel signs of Weight Loss Crazy creeping in. Today I was super careful about what I ate for lunch - no dressing on my salad. I didn't eat the egg that came with it. But I did eat the cheese, and then I felt bad for eating the cheese. Which is ridiculous! Cheese is good for you! Cheese is important!
Then I had carrots as a snack. I really, really wanted something sweet, but we're going to a friend's place for dinner and the menu is a mystery. I wanted to 'save' my points for dinner, so I had crystal lite instead. Because I need more water in my life :)
And now, I'm debating what kind of workout would have the biggest impact on the scale tomorrow morning. Should I run? Swim? Dance for an hour? Shred? What is the key to 'playing the game' and seeing the lowest possible weight tomorrow morning? This is the beginning of a slippery slide into Weight Loss Crazy, which is not where I want to be.
I'm trying really hard not to be ruled by numbers and not let my weekly weigh in results affect my attitude. This is going to be a long, long haul, and if a gain or a small loss or no loss at all sets me back, I'll never make it to my goal weight.
But I so badly want to see that all the hard work was worth it, that I'm making progress. The first time I did WW, 6 years ago (wow, time flies), I lost almost 30 lbs in about 2.5 months. It was so easy. Every week, I followed the plan, did a little exercise, tried not to drink my face off at the bar and dropped between 2-4 lbs at each weigh in. Each time around the block with ww has been progressively more difficult, with the rate of loss much slower. And we don't even go to the bar anymore!
I know I'll have more success if I lose it slowly, and really - a year to drop 50 or 60 lbs? Totally worth it, big-picture style. But come on, scale. Please drop. For me.


Dana said...

I don't know much about the WW points, but my nutritionist has told me this - eat eggs, lots of protein, keeps you lean and helps to build muscles, which help to burn fat! And the eggs are probably better for you then the "ham" and "turkey" that was in that salad. Don't feel guilty about eating cheese. One ounce of cheese is ok for you! One ounce is a lot of cheese. I'm pretty sure the Sunterra salad had one ounce of cheese.

Meg said...

Thanks Dana! I am totally benefitting from your nutritionist info. Mwahaha.

That 'ham' was pretty gross.