Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday on Plan

Another 'Day on Weight Watchers' post for you! I'm always interested in what other dieters are eating, but I promise this won't become a daily feature.

This morning I chugged back a cup of coffee before I left, and then when I got to work we had a mini team meeting at starbucks. This was a 'walk and talk' sort of meeting. I ordered a Tall Skinny Caramel Latte. (I got an extra shot of espresso, but didn't feel like a Grande. I know, betraying the blog name...)

A few hours later I had a Mint Mojito Jugo Juice for breakfast while I read Canadian Art magazine. Okay, I flipped through it scoping out the competition's ads. I'll read it later. This smoothie is soooo good. Fresh, fruity, a hint of mint flavour. Yum!

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with lettuce and hummus on a sandwich thin and water. Today I put back 2 L of water. I usually average between 2 -3 L of water during a workday. I pee a lot.

While editing I munched on a bunch of delicious cherries.

I flexed some overtime today and left the office at 2. I came home, changed into my workout clothes and did something I haven't done in 14 years:

I went for a run outside.

I did 60 second run/90 second walk intervals for 30 minutes, plus another 15 minutes of walking warm-up and cool-down. It was a great workout, I really worked up a sweat and can feel it in my legs, and it was really nice to be outside. It started to spit rain just as I walked up to our building, so I timed it perfectly.

I did notice that running outside is completely different from running on a treadmill. I knew this would be the case, but wow, was it ever harder. I was so self-conscious, trudging through the park with all of these super fit runners. I was worried that they were all thinking, 'who's the chubby girl running embarrassingly slow? What is she doing here? Pathetic.'

But then this amazingly fit lady on the pathway smiled at me. It was encouraging. No one is judging me for being active. If anything, they might just be thinking 'good for her!'

Post-run, more water and a yogurt to tide me over until dinner. I'm craving Vietnamese!

Have a great Friday :)

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Carolyn said...

MB, I am an avid run/walker. I even have a pink watch that beeps the intervals. If you ever want to meet up for some pathway time, let me know.