Friday, June 4, 2010


Phew, this week was a killer.

I have a confession: I haven't hung out with my good pal Jillian for almost 2 weeks. I have been so tired and focused on god knows what and I just haven't done The Shred since I was in Saskatchewan for the weekend.

I haven't totally bailed off the exercise plan - I've gone to the gym, I've gone for long walks and swam - but I just haven't made myself get out the weights. I like the 30 Day Shred workout. It's quick. It's efficient. It's a good workout. I like doing it in the mornings before work.

But this week I've been sleeping in late. Not getting up early enough to eat breakfast at home, never mind do 30 minutes of push-ups and jumping jacks. This is not a good excuse.

Today when I got home from work I had one thing on my mind:

But I knew I should work out. I didn't really want to, but I have a fitness goal to meet! So instead, I popped in the dvd and 30 minutes later, I looked like this:

And now, showered up, I'm sitting on the couch trying to figure out if it's just totally inappropriate to drink my frosty cold beer (that was FREE because my bro works for them!) in my bathrobe. I'm still a classy grown up lady, right?

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