Friday, June 25, 2010

Holiday time!

And we're off. Well, we're planning to be off tomorrow morning before 7:00 (ugh) so we can get a head start on the 8 hour drive to Gary's hometown.

This is us in 2008 at Ainsworth Hot Springs, one of the many places we'll be visiting in the next 9 days. My hair was shorter and I was thinner - but I was drunk on looooove, didn't feel the need to eat my feelings and the long-term-relationship chub hadn't settled in yet. I mean, uh...Happy Days!

I've got a week's worth of posts scheduled for you, so it will be like I'm not even gone. If I get a chance and can pull myself away from my giant pile of Sookie Stackhouse novels, I might drop in and let you know how keeping myself in line on my vacation is going. If not, you'll get the full report when we get back!

Tires road side down,


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