Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is weight-loss my only hobby?

Still on vacation in possibly-sunny British Colombia!

I am a girl of many interests. I love reading, writing, attending and discussing the performing arts, knitting, shopping, cooking and crafting. I like planning vacations and seeing new things. I like taking classes and stretching my brain. I like watching movies, doing crossword puzzles, trying new makeup looks. I like watching CFL Football (go Riders!), going to hockey games and playing with puppies. Oh, and blogging. I love blogging!

But since I started on my weight-loss journey, it seems like all of my hobbies have fallen aside. The time I spent knitting and reading and pursuing all of my other interests, I now spend replying to message boards, planning my meals, reading about fitness, health and nutrition and working out.

Focus is a good thing, but I wonder. Is this becoming obsessive, or am I just dedicated? Where's the line?

Lately I've been making an active effort to do more of my non-diet related hobbies in my down time. I started knitting this sweater, have read a few books, and am working on some writing projects. Oh, and this blog!

Do you ever feel like weight-loss is taking over your life? Is weight-loss your hobby? How do you balance it?


Lauren said...

I guess I don't really look at this as just weight-loss. It's more about changing the way I am living.

I am doing everything I was doing before rejoining WW, except changing my eating habits.

The only time I feel like it's taking over is that I cant really go (and feel comfortable) to certain restaurants anymore (for example, my favourite fajita place doesn't offer nutritional information, so they have lost my business).

Alice said...

Yes! But I am a stay at home mom right now so my day revolves around food. Feeding myself, feeding my little one, planning dinner for the family and trying to get out for a run. I think trying to balance her needs with my running and food makes it feel like that is all I think about but I do other things too like read, blog, play with my dog, knit in the winter, visit my girl friends, etc...

Anna said...

I don't think you should be worried - would you if this were about any other hobby? I just think it will fade a bit eventually, and you'll still be losing weight or being at your goal weight!