Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last-minute meals

This morning I was up on time, but for whatever reason I dilly-dallied around and ran out of time to make lunch. I work downtown, so it's not usually a problem to pop out and grab somethng.
Some of my favourite food court meals are great for staying on plan. Subway has a great variety of 6-inch subs that clock in around 6 points, if you order them without cheese. Extreme Pita is also a good choice, and one of my cold-weather favourites is a small chili and a baked potato from Wendy's. Any of these options will keep me full all afternoon.
For warmer days, I like to go to Jugo Juice for a smoothie, which is super filling and around 5 points, or a salad from pretty much anywhere. If I watch how much dressing I use and skip toppings like fried chow mein noodles and croutons, a salad with some protein like chicken, fish or beans is a great, low-point lunch.
But I knew that today was going to be a pretty stressful one at work, as I've booked 4 consecutive hours of 'open-door' office hours for my colleagues to come approve edits I've made to a major document I'm working on. From 11 - 3, I'm chained to my desk. Unfortunately lunch falls right smack in the middle, and with other meetings from 9:30 - 11, I knew I wouldn't have time to run up the street to grab something from the food court.
So I picked up a frozen Weight Watchers meal from the convenience store in our apartment building. With an apple and yogurt for a snack later this afternoon, it will hopefully keep me full.
I mentioned earlier this week that I don't like relying on frozen or convenience-based 'diet food', but in a pinch it does the trick.

As an alternative, I could have reached for a can of soup, or had another serving of oatmeal and fruit. Do you have any suggestions for running late quick grab lunches? I know, the ultimate solution is to pack my lunch the night before...but sometimes life gets in the way of my well-laid plans! :)


ErinB said...

I make a batch of hummus each week. I've got some baked chips and carrots. It's easy to pack it all up together and be off....even with A at my feet!

Erin B said...

BTW my bro used to work at Wendy's and he said never eat the chili.

Meg said...

Comment about the chili noted. :)

Deb said...

I always freeze dinner leftovers in individual sized portions. That way you've got easy to grab healthy meals. This, of course, depends on your freezer capacity.

I'm not a fan of convenience food, but it does have it's place. Personally, I think you used that frozen meal how they should be used: in a pinch, but not as a regular, everyday thing.