Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh, sure. She looks harmless. Sort of. But not so much.

When you do the 30 day Shred, you're supposed to do it every single day for 30 days. This is ridiculous. First of all, I live for variety. Secondly, I like to be able to walk and I think that my muscles need a little bit of recover time. Thirdly, I'm a lazy wimp.

But I have been doing Level 1 for about a month now, and while I haven't made my goal of doing it 3 times a week, I have done this workout 8 times. I decided after my first workout that I would do each level 10 times before progressing to the next level.

Well, I did the Shred yesterday after work, and I had the best workout I've done with the tape so far. I did 15 lady-pushups in a row! This is crazy. A month ago I could do maybe 3? 4? I also managed to power through the entire workout without stopping. All the cardio, and the strength training, even those horrible bicycle crunches at the end. I can testify that the routine works, and combined with other forms of exercise and diet, I have lost inches from all over my body.

But the relative 'ease' of yesterday's Level 1 workout makes me nervous. Because this means my body is getting used to it. And that means it's time to Level Up.

In the back of my mind, a scared, lazy voice is screaming "don't ruin a good thing! keep at it because it's easy! It doesn't have to be hard, right?!"

But I know. I know it's time to grow. And deal with 30 minutes of freaking plank positions and mountain climbers.

Jillian, I'm ready. Level 2, here I come.

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Deb said...

Good for you for leveling up!

I've got it, and think it's a great workout, but I can't imagine how anyone could do it for 30 days straight. I'd much rather have some variety.