Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip!

Next week, Gary and I are off for a 10-day road trip through British Columbia. We'll be visiting his mom, and my parents are coming along for the ride. We'll also be stopping in Kelowna (WINE TOURS!) and visiting friends in Kamloops.

Because we'll be spending so much time in the car and we both want to avoid fast-food along the highway, we've decided to pack a cooler with some snacks and beverages. We hope this saves us some money and some calories along the way!

We're planning to put together some sandwiches for the road the morning we leave. I'm planning to bake some muffins or breakfast-like cookies for snacks, so I'd love some recipe suggestions for healthier options!

We're packing the cooler with:

-dried fruit
-bottled water
-crystal light/ice tea to go packages
-a few 100 calorie packs or pre-portioned, baked chips and treats
-granola bars or larabars

Any other suggestions for healthy, diet-friendly car snacks?


bellini said...

Hmm... Hit up any roadside farmers markets along the way.

If you can avoid anything but water/crystal lite that's a big thing!

Snap peas. Because they take a long time to eat and crunchy. :)

Have fun! Let Gary go in and pay at all the gas stations- avoid temptation altogether. I can't remember the last time I let myself enter a gas station store. haha. Pay at the pump all the way!

RescuingLisa said...

If you have to stop for food (take-out queen here) both Subway and Tim Hortons has some excellent low-point choices. Subway's Turkey Sub (with no cheese) and mustard is a staple for me. :) Have fun in "my" Province!