Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Success Story

Sunday night, Gary and I were sitting down for dinner when he asked me if I was going to take a photo. In front of me was a plate of grilled chicken souvlaki, rice, grilled fresh pineapple, and leafy greens. I was surprised when he asked, and even more surprised when I told him I hadn't planned to and he was disappointed! It was a great dinner, but I didn't realize he was so keen on me posting photos of what we eat.
Last night, I snapped a picture of my hamburger before I devoured it. Gary laughed in disbelief. "You didn't take a photo of last night's fantastic, fresh gourmet dinner, but tonight you take a photo of a hamburger? Everyone knows what a hamburger looks like!"
While I laughed and told him that I didn't realize he cared so much, he told me this:
"Well, I think your readers care! They want to see new ideas for dinner! They want to know what a weight-loss success story is eating!"
I stopped him. "I'm hardly a weight-loss success story," I said between bites of burger.
But then he stopped me.
My boyfriend told me that yes, I was a success story. Wasn't I making a concerted effort to change the way I was eating? Wasn't I making goals and reaching them? Wasn't I working hard to be more active? And most importantly, hadn't I LOST WEIGHT?
Yes. I have, on all fronts. So while I'm a success story in progress, I'm still a success. Every single ounce that I've lost, every inch, every minute on the elliptical - these are measures of success. Every time I have fruit instead of baklava, every time I use skim milk instead of cream in my coffee, I'm succeeding. And so are all of you!
What a wonderful way to think.


Lady Buttons said...

Awww, big hug for Meg, (you *are* a success! and an inspiration!) and a big hug for Gary, too! Nice to have someone rocking your corner.

... and post the picture of the burger, already! :)

Anna said...

Sometimes we think boyfriend won't even notice if our eyebrows are on fire, and sometimes they surprise us with such sweet remarks... :)

Anyway, I love to see pictures on the blogs, so bring on the gourmet dinner AND the burger! :D

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

He is absolutely right!
Every little change counts and every little step taken in the right direction means success :)

Robert said...

You are a success!
(I love your blog theme here)

Alice said...

Gary is right! You are a total success! My husband and I celebrate every measureable achievement of my journey! I know I've run 959.5km this year, ran for 140.8 hours, have lost 34.4 lbs and dropped more inches than I can recall off hand. But the point is, each seperate item is it's own victory and you need to realise that and feel fabulous about what you are doing. Changing your whole diet and lifestyle is not easy and part of what makes people get through it is celebrating the little stuff. Have a great day and remember you ARE a success story!

Meg said...

You guys are so awesome. Champagne corks of success all around!