Sunday, June 20, 2010


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Success! I met my June fitness goals yesterday - 600 minutes, and trying a Zumba class. I feel great. I know there are 10 full days left in the month, but we're going on vacation from the 26th-July 5th, and I knew I wouldn't be guaranteed to get to the gym. I set my sights a little low, but that's still 10 full hours of exercise! My July goal will increase, but I haven't decided by how much. Do you think 840 minutes - or 14 hours - is too much, or too little?

Today I picked up my new sneakers. I decided to break them in by heading outside and hitting the trails for another run/walk adventure. It was a hot, sunny, gorgeous June day here in Calgary.

Two blocks from my apartment the low battery indicator on my iPod flashed. I was disappointed - I use the Couch25K iPod app to time my intervals and tell me when to run and when to walk. It runs behind whatever music I'm listening too, so it works perfectly for me.

I was pretty bummed, but figured I'd keep going and see how long the battery would last. If it quit early into my workout, I decided I'd just walk to the 14th street bridge, cross, walk back along the other bank of the river, cross the 10th street bridge (there's more than 4 blocks between them, I don't know what gives) and come home.

Lucky for me, my iPod battery held out for the entire workout. I worked up a good sweat, broke in my new shoes, and added another star to my workout calendar.

Oh- and when I got home, Gary was vacuuming and pre-treating some laundry. Bliss.


Lady Buttons said...

Congrats on meeting (if not exceeding) your goals, Meg! New shoes *and* manfolk doin' chores?! I'm so jealous!

I don't think that 600 mins is setting your sights too low for starting out (that's still like 1/2 hr a day, 5 days a week, right? that's purty darn good!) - and I think that 840 might be a bit steep so early on. Maybe inch up in 10-20% increments?

Incidentally, you've inspired me to kick my own ass back into gear, so thanks, blogtown chum. :)

RescuingLisa said...

Meeting your goals is the best feeling in the world! Congrats on reaching your goals! You've definitely earned it!

I think 840 minutes for next month is a good goal! It's a good increase from 600. Have a great time on your vacation!!!

Oh - and I am very jealous of your new shoes - I may have to copy you!

Anna said...

I think 840 minutes is perfect if you're ready to work out on weekends - otherwise, maybe it's a little early. But it's like 30 minutes per day and that sounds great!

Hope you're taking pictures to post on the blog on your road trip? :)

Snowflake said...

Congrats on reaching your goals!!! I think you can plan on 30 minutes per day and easily make your July goal. Just remember to take a day off once a week to rest your body!!!

Meg said...

Thanks! The shoes were a whopping $36.99 at Costco. I know I cheaped out a little, but they had almost the exact same ones at SportCheck in a different colour for $79, and I do so love a bargain!