Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summertime Eats

I love summer. I love meat cooked on a grill, fresh fruits, and cold, cold beer. Fortunately a lot of the summer food I love can be made very ww-friendly.

Corn on the cob, wrapped in a foil and thrown on the BBQ for 20 minutes or so (turn it every 5 minutes) is delicious and 1 point/ear. Go light on the butter or margarine, or skip it all together. I love mine sprinkled liberally with black pepper. Mmmm!

Thin buns for burgers are a must for us. These can be found at pretty much every grocery store around these parts. There are 1 point buns, but most of the ones I've found are 3 points.

Chicken or turkey sausage is GREAT barbecued. I found really nice ones at Costco this week, in Sundried Tomato or Texas Spice. They were 3 points each, which is a great substitute for a hot dog or a smokie. Throw that thing on a thin bun and you've got a great summer BBQ treat!

Grilled veggies are also delicious. Red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms - you name it, thread it on a skewer and grill it and I'm happy.

I love beer. I hate light beer. Recently, my brother started working for a beer company that makes lime flavoured light beer and I have since been turned on to Bud Lite Lime, yum. A light beer is 2 points. But I never want JUST ONE beer, and the hot summer heat makes a girl thirsty. So try a trick I learned last summer in Germany - have ein Radler! Beer mixed with fizzy lemonade - or, a light beer mixed half and half with Sprite Zero or Diet 7-up. This means you can have TWO drinks for 2 points.

I know, sounds gross, because North Americans have an aversion to mixing beer with anything. But give it a go - after all, if you're already drinking Light Beer, it can't get much worse, right?

And if it's sweets you're after, try throwing a halved, pitted peach or nectarine on the grill. Topped with some plain or vanilla fat-free yogurt, it's to die for. So is barbecued pineapple! Sugar-free fudgesicles have always been one of my favourite summer snacks, and I've recently spotted some new, low-fat and low-calorie frozen ice cream treats at the grocery store.

It's going to be a great summer. What are your favourite BBQ'd foods?


Lady Buttons said...

NOM, I love summer grill time, too! I love veggies on the 'q - drizzled with a lil balsamic when they come off, mmm! Another thing that's nommy and super-fast - quesadillas made with corn (instead of flour) tortillas. The small (6") ones that we buy are only 0.5 WW point each (yes, dude, *really*!), because of the higher fibre content.

We made some this week with roasted red pepper spread called ajvar ('eye-var'), grilled chicken, onions, and a lil sprinkle of cheese. To DIE for. Nom *that* with your lite beer! :)

And thanks for the tip about the radler, what a great idea!

Meg said...

That corn tortilla tip just rocked my world. I am so going to check those out - I prefer corn tortillas anyway!