Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walk and talk

Last night I met up with a friend of mine and we went for an hour-long walk. She lives in a really cute neighbourhood that is quite close to a big park, so we encountered baby ducks, mosquitos, dogs and runners along the way. A nice change from my downtown concrete jungle neighbourhood.
It was great to spend some time with her and get some activity in - something I'd like to do a lot more often this summer. Spending time with friends always makes me feel good, but quite often socializing occurs at a restaurant, bar, or over brunch. Food is almost always involved, but this is a great way to gossip without binging on french fries.
The odd thing - on the weekend, I did 40 intense minutes of cardio and wasn't sore at all the next day. I could barely feel it. This morning, on the other hand, I'm feeling quite sore, particularly in the glutes. Maybe that last uphill stretch did it? I'm surprised. 60 minutes of walking doesn't seem like a hard workout, but I guess every step counts.

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Snowflake said...

I've golfed 3 times this week and 2 of the 3 I walked. I've discovered that it doesn't make the game that much longer and we can visit, discuss books and enjoy the meadowlarks as we walk from hole to hole. This is one of my goals for more walking when I golf!!!