Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WI #5: June 16, 2010

I stepped on the scale this morning and my initial reaction was to pout a little bit.
I wandered around our apartment, made some coffee, logged in to Weight Watchers Online to update my weight tracker and take my measurements, but I was still pouty.
I lost .6 lbs this week, which is no reason to pout. So now I'm practicing positive self talk.
Come on, Meg. Pull yourself together. Think of how great a loss, any loss, will feel after a few weeks at a plateau. You worked hard for that slightly-more-than half pound! Be proud of it! They add up, and as long as the scale is moving downward, be happy about it.
I'm disappointed because I really wanted to hit my 5% of my body weight goal before we left for our holiday at the end of the month. I'm close - but I don't think I'll be able to reach it by next week. I'm doing all the right things, but my body apparently needs time to adjust. I believe that if I can stay positive and on track, I will see results and I will reach my goal.
A small loss is still a loss!


Snowflake said...

Keep up the positive attitude, Meg, don't let a small loss get in the way of your goals (a loss is still a loss...not a gain)!!! Your body is showing the results with inches lost, the weight loss will catch up!!!!

Breanne said...

I agree with your Mom! Also, with all the working out you're doing, you're definitely building muscle, as you said a couple posts ago - you can do many more push ups than before! And muscle weighs more than fat, so I'm sure you've burned lots of fat (as proven by the inches!) and you're just gaining muscle. (Which, by the way, my doctor says is very important for women)

Deb said...

I think you deserved your pout. The scale ought to move more when we do the things we need do.

Having said that, if there's one thing I've realized, it's that most of this battle is mental. You're winning the mental battle, and the physical result will follow. It may take longer then you want, but in 5 years, you won't care one bit if it took a few extra months.

Meg said...

Thanks everyone - the fact that I know you're all reading and cheering me on keeps me from diving head first into a giant plate of poutine and giving up.

Which is sort of ridiculous - if a LOSS makes me want to give up, I need a shake to the head! :)

Lady Buttons said...

Dude, 0.6 is a VICTORY! Congrats, Meg! I agree with the other comments here ... you are doing all the right things, and you *are* seeing results. Maybe our lil victories are not as lightning fast as we'd like, but they are lil victories, nonetheless. Without getting *too* Stuart Smalley-ish here, you deserve praise for your accomplishment ... especially self-praise. Don't beat yourself up for doing everything right. Atta girl! [fist bump]

Anna said...

Sometimes the scale will have its own opinion - but if you don't give up, she'll be nice to you sooner or later! A loss is a loss anyway! :) everyday I feel like complaining about a little loss, I think of the weeks when I get gains and did nothing to deserve it! The horror gives me a clearer mind! :D

Carolyn said...

Yahoo! I raise my glass to your 0.6, lovely lady. You are doing all the right thing and it WILL pay off.

And if you need a positive self-talk coach, check out the guru on this 50 second youtube pick-me-up:

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Aw I'm sorry you won't rewarded like you wanted to be at the scale. I know it's frustrating, but you've got a great attitude. Any loss is a good loss (I have to repeat this to myself every time I lose 0.2 lol).

The scale is only one small reflection of all of the work you're putting in. It doesn't show the whole picture. Try not to let it dampen your mood (I know that's easier said than done, believe me!)

Just keep on truckin' along and it will all work out.

Meg said...

Thanks Ladies for your incredible support :)