Thursday, July 15, 2010

Failure to plan, ole!

Today was one of those days where everything just took a sharp, slanting turn in the wrong direction. I woke up late, so I didn't have time to pack my lunch or make breakfast. That, my friends, was my first mistake.

I grabbed a muffin at the coffee shop across the street, the one that makes the BEST home-made style muffins. Rasberry Lychee, Peach and Almond, Chocolate Praline Apple - these are just a few of the flavours they make. SO GOOD.

I've found that a sweet pastry or muffin in the morning doesn't really fill me up, or satisfy me. I need a breakfast that is high in fibre or protein, or both. The muffin held me over until 10:30, when I had a peach. So far, not so bad, right?

Lunch rolled around and I went out in search of...something? I had no idea what I wanted. I wanted something healthy, but I was craving beef on a bun or a hot dog. I ended up walking around in circles for about 45 minutes until I settled on a vegetarian lentil stew and a sugar-free italian soda. For sure, this could have been far, far worse. But again - not really that satisfying, and higher in points than I would have guessed once I looked it up. I was craving ice cream seriously hard, but I knew that wasn't going to end well (late afternoon sugar crash, anyone?), so I had some cherries that I had tossed in my purse on the way out of our place in the morning.

Dinner was planned, though. Grilled chicken sausage, corn on the cob, new potatoes. I was really looking forward to it. Last night I went to Zumba and I'd been feeling sore all day, but I thought I might as well head home and go for a swim or something...and then I ran into some coworkers and had a beer on a patio instead.

I got home, and the sausages I remembered being in the freezer were nowhere to be found.

So that plan? Abandoned. Instead, we went out. For Mexican.

Mexican is the one type of food that I can't resist. I can go to pretty much any other restaurant and find something healthy on the menu and be satisfied, but at a Mexican restaurant, all bets are off. Enchiladas it was. And chips and salsa. A LOT of chips and salsa. Ugh. I actually ate to the point of feeling sick.

I hereby present myself with the Sombrero of Really Pathetic Planning. I was going to call it the Sombrero of Failure, but that's a bit harsh. Back on the horse tomorrow, right?


RescuingLisa said...

I hear yah - Mexican is my greatest weakness too! I either avoid Mexican joints like the plague - or if I am feeling up to it - I order my dish sans cheese and sour cream - which is still good - but not as good as with cheese and sour cream!

Tomorrow is a new day! There will be days like this....

Anna said...

Things like this just happen - and they help you realize this is not what your body needs :)
Today will be a better day!

PS: enchiladas and other mexican food don't have to be bad for your health. Try low-fat recipes home, so you won't have cravings! I actually never went to a mexican restaurant (there are very few in Italy), but I enjoy cooking diet-friendly mexican recipes!

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Just try and remember it was only one day. Just pick right up and keep on going today. You can't expect perfection, right? It's about progress and persistence. You'll get there :)

Lady Buttons said...

Lawl, I love the sombrero of shame! I have days like this too ... in fact, last night, ice. cream. Boo on me, pass that sombrero! But today's a fresh start! Don't let one lil bump upset the apple cart! :)

Deb said...

I think one of the biggest steps is to recognize it rather then letting it continue and spiral out of control.

So, what did you pack for lunch today? ;)

stackofpennies said...

Mexican is sooooo good. I love it all.

We all have days like this. Just take the lesson and learn from it.

PS. Can I add you to my blog roll?

Meg said...

Today was far better. Thanks for your encouragement, everyone!

Mexican is just.delicious. No ifs, ands or buts. I make it at home often - once a week, more if I can get away with it :)