Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have to learn to listen to myself.

I will not eat any pancakes. I will have coffee but no pancakes. I will not eat any pancakes.

But it's so hard to say no to free pancakes. Especially when they're outside your office door and you haven't had breakfast yet.

So what happened? I ate two pancakes. AND the breakfast I packed.

Just put the free trail mix you got in your desk drawer. It's too high in fat - 19 grams per serving!! Just put it away.

But the 3:00 munchies hit, and sure enough...I ate the trail mix.

Just stay at the work party for a half hour, have a diet coke, and go home and work out. You don't need a drink. You don't need anything to eat. Just be social and then excuse yourself early.

But a glass of wine later, I was hitting the cheese tray - hard.

I know I'm stronger than this. I know that I'm only letting myself down. I know I can't continue this way and expect to see any results.

So, despite a crappy day of eating and a post-work vino, I dragged myself out the door with Gary for a long walk. I wasn't hungry when I got home, so I didn't eat the dinner I had planned. I went over my points for today by 1 - not a big deal. Tomorrow is going to be a new day, a better day, and another opportunity to say no to those free Stampede Breakfast pancakes.


Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Well hey you tracked your choices, and you countered them with some activity so that's great. Try not to be too hard on yourself, keep getting your activity in, and just make the best choices you can today :)

Meg said...

Thanks Amanda!

RescuingLisa said...

I agree with Amanda - and am shocked you only went over by 1 point. These days are what your weekly points are there for. I've done much. much worse and still had a loss at the end of the week....

Anonymous said...

Yes, those stampede breakfasts are out in full force and I cant leave my house until after 10am to avoid them. I am avoiding the grounds completley. I know what will happen. Mini donuts, deepfried coke, hotdogs, pizza, and beer. THere are temptations everywhere. You are listening. You are doing great. Great tracking and good luck!