Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2010: Goals

Goal setting worked really well for me in June. I found it really motivating to work towards mini-goals, instead of think of the 60 lbs of weight I want to lose (which is down to 49 now!). These little goals kept me on track and I really pushed to achieve my fitness goals, and I think that absolutely made a difference in the results I saw in June.

I've decided to make a few goals for July, but stick to Deb's philosophy of goals being something you DO, not DESIRE.

So my goals for July are:

1. 720 Minutes of Exercise
2. Attend 3 Zumba Classes
3. Finish Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, and start Level 3
4. Try Three New Recipes for Low-Point, Vegetarian Dinners

Of course, I'm also working towards my next weight loss goal - 10%, but I'm not going to set a specific deadline. I am confident that achieving the above goals will help me get there!

What are your goals for the month? Do you have any recipe suggestions for me?


RescuingLisa said...

Your goals are awesome! Hoo-ray for monthly goals!

Snowflake said...

Here are my goals for July:
1. 300 minutes of exercise a week
2. Add strength training and aquacises to my activity list
3. Try 2 new WW recipes a week

Good luck with your goals...I know you can do it!!!!

Deb said...

I just posted my July goals on my blog:

1. Swim twice a week, run three times a week, bike three times a week.

2. Hike at least 4 times in the month.

3. Take 1 day a week as either a rest day or an active rest day.

4. Track my food intake at least 5 days a week.

As for the recipes, you should check out the eat-clean diet cookbook. There's a recipe for butternut squash soup that's to die for. The book isn't a vegetarian book, but it has a lot of good vegetarian recipes.

Dana said...

I have the eat clean cookbook if you want to look at it, as well I have a WW magazine with like 60 - 20 min lunch receipes, you are more then welcome to take a look at both, and by take a look I totally mean, photocopy.