Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Goals - New Recipe #2

Seriously, if I had known years ago that healthy, vegetarian recipes were this delicious, I would be a very different girl!

The ingredients await their fate...

I picked the wrong weekend to make Smitten Kitchen's Ratatouille, but the results were worth the sweat. Tender vegetables baked over a flavourful tomato sauce, spooned over polenta rounds. Simple, fresh...what's not to love?

oops, dead camera battery - cell phone photo, sorry for bad quality!

Now, I've never had ratatouille. I've never had polenta, either. So making this was kind of like being blindfolded. Mine certainly wasn't as pretty as Deb's, and I had my doubts about whether something so simple could be delicious - summer squash, zuchini, eggplant and red pepper layered over tomato puree, onion and garlic, sprinkled with salt and pepper and herbs de provence? Well, at least it was new.

before the oven

I had to run out while the ratatouille was in the oven, but when I got back home I was greeted by the most delicious of delicious smells coming from my kitchen. A few minutes later, the smell did not lie - deeelish.

Gary gave this dinner a 4/5. I'm giving it a solid 4.5/5, because I was the one labouring over the mandoline to get those veggies paper thin. I could really taste the love in this dish!

I'll for sure be making this again, served over couscous or with good crusty bread. But I'll save it for the fall, when it cools off a little :)


Anna said...

I'm not a big fan of polenta... guess I had too much as a child (it's very typical of my area... until 50 years ago poor farmers here ate nothing but that!) :) but ratatuoille is one of my fave dishes! I think it'd be great with couscous, yes!

Meg said...

I'd never had polenta before, but I love cornbread, hush puppies, corn fritters, etc. It was okay, but the rounds stuck to the frying pan and the golden brown crispy bits were lost.

Meg said...
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Robert said...

I absolutely love this recipe. I'm glad to hear that you put the mandoline! Good work, Meg. Keep it up!

Meg said...

Robert - I remember you saying you'd made this and loved it! I wish you were here to share it with me :(