Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie theatre treats

Thanks guys, for your support re: yesterday's crisis of confidence. I've had nearly 20 years of experience feeling bad about the way I look, and sometimes I get really wrapped up in my own sad little pity party. But the good news is, those feelings used to make me head straight for the ripple chips - and now, I just sort of lose my appetite and strengthen my resolve to change how I look and feel about my body.

So onwards to a great week, right?

Today I'm chugging back the water like nobody's business. Gary and I went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon. I loved it! But there's nothing quite like sitting in a room full of children who are amazed and in awe and so terribly cute to jump start that biological clock. Gary and I spent the entire 30 minute drive home talking about how much we both want to have kids and how much that movie made us want to have a baby RIGHT NOW.

And we pause, so my mother can peel herself off the ceiling.

But of course, for us, having kids RIGHT NOW is not in the Current Life Plan, so no worries. We've got a few things to take care of before we decide to become parents.

Anyway. I scarfed down some popcorn at the theatre, and my whole body feels the salt intake. My fingers feel bloated, which is weird. Hopefully a few litres of water and some exercise tonight will help me flush out all the delicious, delicious movie theatre popcorn salt.

I don't usually buy popcorn at the movies. I'm more of a sweet gummy-candy or licorice girl. What is your favourite movie theatre snack? Do you have any good healthy substitutes? Usually I sneak in my own soda - but in the past, I've snuck in sandwiches, bags of cookies, even a slice of pizza!


Deb said...

If you want to put that biological clock on hold for a bit, you can borrow my kids for an afternoon... It probably wouldn't work though. They can be sweet and would probably behave perfectly.

I'm a chocolate girl. Junior mints always used to be my favourite movie theatre snack. In more recent years, I've tried to learn that you don't actually need to eat during the movie.

I'm also a total snack sneaker-inner.

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

I'm all about the Milk Duds :)

Lady Buttons said...

I LOVE the movie theatre popcorn! But sometimes, if I'm feeling super-virtuous, I'll pop a bag at home, shove it in a big Ziploc and then into my Mary Poppins-esque purse, and nom to my heart's content. As an added bonus, I avoid those bloated fingers (that *always* happens to me!)

spotlessmind said...

JUNIOR MINTS. "They're very refreshing!" You have to say that in a Kramer from Seinfeld voice. I love the popcorn sometimes but I usually feel the same way you do - like salt is suffocating my bloodstream. But sometimes it's just soooo good.

I had a hard past few days too, so don't feel alone.

Anonymous said...

i have always been obsessed with movie popcorn. Im trying my darndest to avoid that. I dont need to eat in a moive. I think. Im off to Eclipse tomorrow and plan to be a good girl.