Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shopping and a Game!

This afternoon I stopped in at the Gap factory outlet store to pick up some new jeans. I've been feeling quite frump-a-licious lately, in my saggy, ill-fitting pants, but I'm cheap and the jeans I like wearing are around $80. I'm not stopping this weight-loss train anytime soon, and I figured that I could get by with the few pairs I had, for a few more pounds, but yesterday I reached my breaking point. I'm working hard on my body, and while the changes so far are small, there ARE changes and I want to show them off and feel good!

I figured I'd buy some new jeans to tide me over at the Gap outlet - instead of $80, they're about $40 a pair.

I grabbed three styles of jeans in one size smaller than what I've been wearing. One pair was cut too low in the rise (dang you, long legs and torso...), one pair was waaay too small and one pair, in the style I normally wear (Long & Lean) fit okay. They were a bit snug, actually. This was pretty depressing, people. Yes, I went down a size (18 to 16), but I have another pair of this style of jeans in my closet in the size 16 and they are too big. What gives? !

What gives, at least to my best guess, is that I had bought them at a lower weight, and wore them as I gained 30 lbs (or so). Denim stretches. Go figure.

I'm sure after a few wears and a few more weeks, these 16s will fit perfectly and be on the way to the frumpy, saggy end of the closet.

After a day of shopping, errands, laundry and other chores, Gary and I made dinner. He suggested I take a photo - it was pretty darn good!

I thought I'd play a game with you - how many points do you think are in this meal of bacon-wrapped filet steaks, foil-pack potatoes, mushrooms, and corn on the cob?


Lady Buttons said...

Dang the Gap and their size tomfoolery!

That din din looks YUMMY! Ummm, I dunno, 6 points or so? I love bbqd corn ... I sprinkle lime juice all over mine. Mmmm!

Hey, in other news, I was at Indigo the other night and saw that Jen Lancaster has a new book out - 'My Fair Lazy' - (meh heh). Since you recommended her other book (which I loved) I thought I'd mention it to ya.

Anna said...

I know nothing about WW points, but if I had to guess the calories I'd say 400-450? :)

I recently bought two pairs of jeans that didn't really fit, but I think it's better this way - if they fit perfectly I think they'd be too large soon (because indeed they stretch!).

Alice said...

Hehehe. I like this game! :)

I'm guessing 9 points.

Courtney said...

Hey! I have the same problem with jeans! My inseam is 34", I have such a hard time finding pants! I like Rickis but they are sooo pricey! I always wait until sales!!! But jeans are something that I need, I should check out that Gap Outlet!!
For the dinner I am going to guess...7 points?!?!

Let us know!!!!

Deb said...

I'm going to guess:

Corn - 2 points (could be smaller then I'm thinking though.)
Potatoes - 3 points
Mushrooms - Free
Steak - 3 points
Bacon - 1 point

For a total of 9 points.

Meg said...

It's 9 points! Deb and Alice, you're right.

Steak (4 oz): 4 points (per nutritional info on package)
Corn: 1 point
Margarine on corn: 1 point
Potatoes: 3 points
Mushrooms: 0 points