Friday, July 23, 2010



Yesterday was just not a good day. After I posted about the 30 Day Shred and whether I should continue with it, I went home. The whole way home, I debated with myself about what I was going to do. Was I going to swim? Maybe I should go for a run. No, looks like rain. Maybe I'll do that yoga DVD again. No, I should just suck it up and Shred. Yoga and a run? Yoga and swimming? Maybe I'll go to the little gym in the basement and hit the stationary bike.

I did none of these things. I just needed a break. I was starving when I got home, and I had dinner at Joey Tomatoes ahead of me. I had checked out the menu and already decided what I was going to order - a salad with chicken, apples, avocado, other good stuff, but I knew that if I got any more frustrated with the day - hungry, stressed, tired, whatever, I was just going to collapse and cave and order a giant plate of fries and whatever else my irritated lizard brain wanted.

So I made a snack - some cottage cheese and some berries, and I settled down with a magazine. I had a hot shower. I did my makeup. I went out and had dinner with my cousins. It was a good choice for me.

I'm not generally a believer in perfection. I do think it's better to workout 5 days a week than 0 days a week, but sometimes you don't get to 5. I wouldn't be this tough on anyone else, so why was I beating myself up about missing a workout?

My feet are bruised (dropped a can of soup on my toe) and covered in blisters (stupid red flats - anyone a size 8.5 and want some cute shoes?). I'm tired and sore. I just couldn't push anymore yesterday.

But now I feel better. I feel refreshed. I'm looking forward to a workout when I get home this afternoon, to let off some steam.

And then I'm going out with a girlfriend to talk through the rest of my emotional crap and let off some more, different steam.

Thanks everyone, for your support yesterday. It really, really makes a difference. If I didn't have you cheering me on, I don't know. Maybe I just would have quit yesterday. But I didn't. Thanks.


kait said...

You inspired me! I had started ignoring my weight again...but its time to get back on track!

RescuingLisa said...

I hate these kind of days - they really suck! I hear ya about being tired. Normally I am one to push myself, but there are days (like last Tuesday and Wednesday) when I know that I just can't push myself and NEED to relax.

I've found on weeks where I listen to my body - I actually lose more weight, than on the weeks when I push myself to the limit - guess that means that America Votes: listen to your body.

Anna said...

It's good to hear that you're feeling better :) you managed it wonderfully! And it's clear blogging helped you. I think I have more than one lesson to learn from your last posts ;)

PS: about your question: some friends from Canada suggest that I apply for a PhD in Toronto, but I think I'd be happy to move to any city in Canada. From what I've heard, it's a sort of paradise! :)

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

the first bit of this post made me laugh because I have soooo been there. I often say maybe I'll do this, I could do that, I should be doing this...but then do nothing! lol...ugh...

We all need a day off though now and then right? It's all about listening to our body, and it sounds like yours needed it.

I'm glad you are feeling better now though!

Happy Fun Pants said...

I'm so glad you didn't quit. NOT quitting is a huge part of being successful... :)