Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet, sweet bbq

I don't know if it's because my Grandpa was from Alabama, but I love me anything barbecued. The dinner we had tonight was so good, I could have licked my plate clean.

This morning I got dressed and decided I looked pretty good, considering I slept in and had about 10 minutes to get ready! These are one of the two pairs of jeans I have that fit me right now - two pairs are too small, and the rest are falling off saggy. One of the acceptable fit ones has that stretchy, faux-maternity pants top, so they're not really work appropriate. (Yes, I can wear jeans to work - one of the perks of working in the arts/non-profit sector!)

This blazer is another favourite that is soon going to be too big to wear. Thought I might as well get some wear out of it while I still can :) (Yes, my office really is as big as it looks. I'm very, very lucky, and I also have huge windows!)

Breakfast today was coffee with milk and splenda, and some oatmeal with a banana. I ran out of plain oats, so I grabbed a package of instant flavoured oatmeal - brown sugar and maple syrup. This used to be my favourite, but it's way, way too sweet for me now. Yech!

It was cold today, and I was happy to have packed soup for lunch. This is the Weight Watchers Smart Ones brand minestrone. It's 0 points per cup, but 1.5 points for two cups...so be wise :) It was good, but no better than your average canned soup. I had a sandwich thin, toasted with a little bit of butter. And water. 3 L today!

I had my daily vitamins and some cherries for dessert. I also had a short, non-fat mocha from starbucks and a babybel cheese, but I didn't get a photo. Bad blogger!

Around 3:30 the snackies hit, so I had a nectarine and some crystal light.

I headed home at 4:30, did my 30 Day Shred workout, and then got dinner prepared for the bbq.

We had corn on the cob, a spinach salad with a few tomatoes, and bbq'd chicken breast. The sauce on this was FAB. It's Bullseye brand Guiness sauce, which is AMAZING and I highly encourage you to try it!

That's it for my day. I'm pretty full now, and it's WI tomorrow, so it's unlikely that I'll eat anything else. Fingers are crossed for good results tomorrow...


Courtney said...

I love bbq too!! I make my dinner menu in advance and because of the crappy weather here, I have been unable to bbq! I hope that it is finally nice tomorrow! That corn on the cob looks delish!!!
Good luck on WI tomorrow!!!!

Lady Rose said...

Looks like I'm soon to inherit some sweet blazers! On the one hand it's depressing that I may be in line for your old fat clothes. On the other hand...blazer!

Meg said...

I do indeed have many a sweet blazer in the closet!

We're lucky - our BBQ is sheltered from the elements by the balcony above us. We use it year round - nothing like grilled sausage on Christmas eve...