Saturday, July 24, 2010

A trip to the Farmers' Market

This morning, instead of going to the gym, Gary went to the Dentist and I went to the Farmers' Market. We'll make up that gym time tomorrow.

I love going to the Farmers' Market. There's a small greenmarket every Thursday in front of my office, and I grabbed some BC nectarines this week. They are so much better than the ones from Superstore!

One of the many big markets we have here in Calgary is the Calgary Farmers' Market. It's indoors, open every weekend, all year round. They're moving to a different location in November, but I've got lots of fond memories of coming here with friends.

I scoped out the vendors, checking out the fresh flowers, seafood and meat, jams, locally produced honeys, sausages, and crafts.

Of course, tucked between the healthy items are more tempting treats, like pastries. And french macarons. And sausage.

I came home with zuchini, beets, green beans, some sausage, and two macarons. I can't wait to go back and see what else comes into season!


Alice said...

Don't you love the smell at the farmer's market too? I find it just brightens my spirits. Don't feel bad about struggling. We all go through it at some point and you're doing great. Keep your spirits high, know you can do this and be proud of what you've accomplished.

Anna said...

Oh I love farmer's markets! Everything is so bright-coloured and looks so yummie.
Are those in the pictures both honeys and jams? I wish I had the same large choice!
(The macaroons look great too, but they're nowhere to be found here so I never tried any!)

Meg said...

Anna: That was only half of the jams/honeys available at that stall. She had SO many choices!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Oh WOW! That looks absolutely wonderful - and decadent! What a nice treat! I wish ours was like that...we have some small vendors outside under a tent.

Hmmm...maybe you've motivated me to scout around for some different local markets.

Anonymous said...

Love this market! I use to go a couple times a month and now have not been in years! My fav, Simple Simons Pies (Swiss Mushroom chicken). Not exactly a fresh healthy chpice. BUT SO GOOD!

Meg said...

Yeah, the Simple Simon Pies are to die for, but I avoided them this time.