Thursday, August 19, 2010

A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear

I used to get frustrated a few days before a special event because I had nothing to wear.

This wasn't code for I'm bored with my wardrobe or I want something new - it was code for nothing in my closet fits me.

I had a media event at work this morning (I do PR for a Museum) and I had planned out my outfit a few days in advance. I live in a world of casual-business-casual, so jeans are my wardrobe staple. But for an event like this, I like to look put together, so I planned to wear a black pencil skirt, a black camisole, a grey and black fitted blazer and a pair of red pumps.

I got dressed this morning and the blazer was a little baggy. It's supposed to be fitted, but I looked sloppy. I thought, Eh! Cinch that waist with a belt! So I grabbed my wide, red elastic belt and slipped it on.

It slipped off.

So much for that outfit. While I'm super pumped that an outfit that was a tight squeeze back in March now hangs off me like a burlap hangs off me like a burlap sack. So do most of my 'work clothes'.

I have a small selection of clothes that are still too small, but it's pretty much a formal dress and a couple sun dresses. Then I have racks of clothes that are now too big.

I currently have no dress pants that fit me, two pairs of jeans, and enough yoga pants to keep myself clothed for two weeks. Except I can't wear yoga pants anywhere that isn't the gym.

It's kind of frustrating, to be honest. There are some things I can get away with, but I'm really tired of wearing the same thing day in and day out! On top of that, I don't really want to spend a ton of money on clothes that hopefully won't fit anymore by Christmas.

3 more pounds to go until I can bust out that gift card for my 10% reward, and let me tell you, I am so ready.


Jo said...

Buying clothes when you are trying to loose weight is super frustrating! Have you considered looking at second hand stores or a clothing swap? If you really love something you can always get it altered (sometimes it costs more than buying a new piece though) Congratulations at being so close to your 10% reward! Good luck.

P.S. I love your blog! It's so inspiring.

-european_sweet_heart from

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Oh gosh I hear you on the clothing frustration! I haven't really bought a whole lot since I started (besides very cheap things that I needed just to get by), so by this point I knew that I would have to basically replace my entire fall/winter wardrobe.

Problem is, the shape of my body keeps changing (faster than the pounds are coming off lol), so things fit for a few weeks and then become sloppy. So I've been buying things that are slightly snug for a few weeks, then fit properly for a few weeks, then baggy for a few more lol. The joys of a changing body :)

It's not the worst problem to have though lol.

Lady Rose said...

Dude, go to my consignment store. I'm sure you can find a couple pairs of pants that will hold you over until Christmas.

RescuingLisa said...

I hear ya Meg,

I am on constant alert at stores for sales, I've picked up a few items for $5- $10 here and there, and those items help keep me going...

Anonymous said...

Clothes are fun, but consider investing in quality cookware instead - replacing all aluminum and plastic cookware with stainless steel, pyrex, or cast iron - cookware that won't leach harmful chemicals or aluminum into your food. This would contribute to your long-term health.

Robert said...

What a wonderful predicament, Megan. I'm so proud of you for what you've achieved so far. I will forever provide fashion advice if and when you need to go shopping.