Friday, August 20, 2010

The great gym membership debate

I have never paid for a gym membership. When I moved to Calgary to attend the U of C, the campus fitness centre was free for students. Then I got a job working for a theatre company, and they gave us donated gym passes. After that, I worked for a company that paid for my YMCA membership, which was great because the Y was right beside our office.

But since then, I haven't had a gym membership. I've worked out in my living room, or in the dingy basement 'gym' in our building. On the weekends, I pay the drop-in fee at Gary's gym to join him, which is $10.

But I've worked out the math in my head, and for the roughly $80 a month a gym membership will cost, I have to go twice a week to make it worthwhile. And as it is, Zumba costs me $10 a class - and the gym has free Zumba. And free yoga! And spinning.

I`ve decided, after three months of internal debate, that tomorrow is the day. Gym, I`m coming for you. It`s an investment in myself, my health, and my happiness.

But first, I have to make it through the evening. We`re going clubbing. The last time I went clubbing was probably in 2008, and I lasted about two hours before I yahonged up the nine Jagerbombs I`d had in the ladies`.

I`ve got no idea what to wear, I`m not even sure I`ll be able to stay up past 11:00, when we`re meeting my bro and his girlfriend, and I`m dreading being the fattest girl there. Guys, I`m not at my optimal clubbing weight. And I`m really not sure I`m okay with this.


Alice said...

Don't feel sad Meg. Wear a cute top and shake your booty on the dance floor. If you feel confident you'll look it and my husband says that is one of the most sexy things about a woman. And have fun! You're only young once!

Anonymous said...

What gym are you joining? Im with golds and for 45 a month I get full facility, the pool, and free zumba, yoga, etc. Love it.
I have NEVER been optimal clubbing weight. I AM usually the fattest girl there, but I have learned that that is not the point of the club, especially if your in a relationship. I dance my butt of and have fun! Enjoy yourself. You certainly are not too big for that!