Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to hit the gym on your lunch break

It's only taken me 10 days, but I've realized that I already prefer going to the gym on my lunch break than after work. By 4:30, I'm totally wiped out from a day at work, and all I want to do is go home to my cute boyfriend and our cuddly house hippo. But at noon, I've still got energy to burn!

I know that a lot of people don't like going to the gym at lunch, because - well, if you sweat up a storm, going back to the office can seem kind of gross. And who has time to work out, shower, re-style the old hairdo, and re-apply a face full of makeup? I get an hour for lunch and my spin class? It's 45 minutes. NOT including the stretch.

I don't really have a problem with my coworkers seeing my hair wet, pulled back in a ponytail or some kind of clipped-up 'style' - except for one minor thing. Last week I hacked off over 6 inches off my hair. That means it's short now. And short hair can't be pulled back into a ponytail for the afternoon.

So here's my secret: dry or waterless shampoo. You can get it in an aerosol spray, but I really like this foam.

My post-workout routine goes like this: a quick hose-down in the shower (I don't get my hair wet), a few pumps of this product worked through the sweaty parts of my hair, and a vigorous rub of the towel over my head. This gets rid of any sweaty smell and freshens up my hair. I get dressed, spritz on some body spray (perfume can be too heavy) and then hit the damp sections with the blow-dryer and a big round brush. I flip the ends out or under, run my fingers through them a little, spritz with some hairspray and I look almost as good as new.

Some lip gloss, a touch-up of the eye shadow and a quick swipe of mascara and I'm out the door, back to the office.

I'm so thrilled that my new haircut works with my natural hair texture really well. It takes me no more than 10 minutes in the morning to dry and style it, which is fantastic. No more 'I'll look gross all afternoon' worries - and no excuses to miss a mid-day workout.


Katy said...

That product sounds great! I'll have to give it a try.

Deb said...

Good for you for figuring out the lunch break workout. I never was able to figure it out. I'm just not that efficient.

Snowflake said...

Looking forward to seeing your new hair cut!!!! Enjoy your noon hour workouts!!!

Robert said...

I was wondering how you were going to turn this blogging into a money-making endeavour. Now I see. Product endorsement. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I just recently came off a few weeks of Lunch-workouts because I started work before my class sessions expired. It really wasn't as bad as I thought, and it kept me from buying lunch because I just warmed up soup when I got back to the office to continue work.
Keep it up, and thanks for the awesome hair tip!!


Meg said...

Robert - hahaha! I wish!