Friday, August 6, 2010

A letter to myself

Dear Meg,
Think long and hard. Is a giant cookie really going to make you feel better, or is it just going to taste good for a few seconds and then make you feel even worse? Are you actually hungry? Or are you sad? Tired? Lacking inspiration? Hunger isn't a feeling, it's a need. And feeding your feelings isn't going to make you feel better. A hug, a walk, doing something with someone you love who makes you laugh will make you feel better. Even a good cry would help. A cookie? Probably not. You think it will because for so long, food to you has equalled love and compassion - like cookies and perogies at Christmas or your mom, who loves you regardless of how you've messed up your life, and makes you a pie because she knows how much you love pie. But eating won't actually make you FEEL better.
ps- but if you're going to have that cry, for the love of god, go find a secret crying bathroom and do it in private. You're at work. There's no crying in baseball.


RescuingLisa said...

Love this post Meg!

Food for people like you and I is like an onion - soo many layers. I should really be taking a course in psychology...I struggle with this too.

Damn you cookies and your buttery, choclately goodness!

Carmen said...

Not to be an enabler or anything...but the weight watchers chocolate chip cookies are okay. They taste a bit processed...and they are quite small....but if you take tiny bites, it is pretty satisfying!

apainter83 said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!