Monday, August 30, 2010

Making a plan

I did not have a great weekend, weight watchers wise. I did some good, like spending time at the gym on Saturday and choosing oatmeal over pastries on Sunday morning, and I did some not so good, like ordering chicken fingers and fries when I could have had salad and a Costco hot dog when I could have just said no thanks. I topped it off with a slice of birthday cake I didn't even want, just because it was in front of me.

But the very worst thing I did this weekend? I didn't log in to WW online to track my points.

Writing down what I've eaten, no matter what the damage, is really important to me. It helps me face up to it and provides a mental checkpoint for me. But not logging in makes me feel guilty, and then I start avoiding the website, and the next thing you know, I fall off track entirely.

So if admitting where I've faltered is the first step to recovery, this is me fessing up.

I know I have to make a plan for my weight loss. I do much better when I have a strategy, a schedule. I have today's healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner planned out. I've already tracked my food. I have scheduled time to hit the gym for a spin class. I've got no reason to slack off today.

Tomorrow, the same. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Exercise. It's all penciled in, all ready to go.

This is what I have to do to succeed. I can't just wing it, I have to work at it. I'm not expecting a loss this week, but I'm not going to let that get me down. Are you with me?


Jams said...

That's the magic - you can go back and track it. It may not be the best method, but it still gives you that history (and the accountability).

Stick with your plan for this week and you're going to rock it out!

Deb said...

Falling off track isn't what defines us. Everyone does that eventually. The ability to get back on is what keeps us going.

Snowflake said...

I agree that tracking is what keeps some people heading in the right direction!!! Weekends are tough for most people!!

Carolyn said...

I am so with you.

Meg said...

Thanks everyone :)