Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping Spree

Whew, last night's Zumba class really kicked my butt. Slacking off in the exercise department definitely makes a difference, and not for the better.
Carmen asked in the comments on Tuesday where I was planning my 10% shopping spree. I'm really excited about this, because I love shopping. I seriously, majorly love shopping. I don't love not being able to shop wherever I want and know with certainty that the clothes will fit, though.
Several weeks ago, I won a $100 gift card to the mall downtown for a short essay I wrote. I immediately put that baby in my wallet and decided I'd spend it when I hit my 10%. As of yesterday, I'm 6.6 lbs away from that goal. I had wanted to hit it by the end of August, but that probably won't happen. But that's okay! Fall clothes are my favourite :)
The last new clothing purchase I made was a pair of jeans at the beginning of July. If you recall, I went down a size, but was disappointed in how snug they fit. Well, those jeans definitely aren't snug anymore, and while I can't pull them over my hips without undoing them (my indicator that new pants are in order), I'm getting there. I'm really, really looking forward to fitting into size 14.
I try not to make goals about weight loss and measurements and size. I know that I can achieve whatever I want to, but I'm not in control of the timeline. In my fantasies, I'm in a loose size 14 jean by Christmas, and a loose size 12 by my 27th birthday in April. That might not seem like amazing or fast progress, but I think it's realistic. It's doable for me. And I'm more likely to keep it off and keep going.
But if I don't get there, I'll still be proud of the progress I've made.
What fantasies do you have? Do you try to make goals that match? What do you think I should buy with my gift card?


RescuingLisa said...

Lucky you - a $100 gift card!

I (always have) set super high goals for myself and work like a mutha to reach them. Once the time period is over and (if) I haven't reached my goal - I always smile, because I know the ridiculous goal I set for myself made me push myself to the limit. Sort of a self-torture thing I suppose :)

You should certainly be proud of the progress you've made - I bet, next week, you'll be shocked with a massive loss.... You'll be in that mall come Labour Day... :)

Carmen said...

My recommendation for purchases: Something pretty and not necessarily practical. Buy something you love that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself like a great dresss or pants in a new style.
As for goals, I do the same thing you do: imagine myself 2-3-6-10 months from now and how awesome I will look. Then I don't need to be disappointed in my progress (or lack thereof). I discovered some great news yesterday too that served me better than an actual goal. I can squeeze my ass into Ricki's pants...with very little squeezing involved! I don't think I've ever worn pants from Ricki's...I hope you find your "ricki's pants" when you shop til you drop!
Good luck, lady! I'm proud of you!