Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Sunday Night Inspiration

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time cleaning and then settled down for some relaxing Meg time. I'm a knitter, and I find it's a nice balance between weight-loss/exercise/just-plain-crazy Meg - kind of soothes the soul, if you know what I mean. But I also like to take on challenging projects - right now I'm working on a boat-neck sweater, something I've never done before.

While I knit, I usually listen to audiobooks, but yesterday I wanted to watch something. We don't have a TV, so I streamed a show on my laptop.

Have you ever heard of How to Look Good Naked? Maybe I'm way behind, but I'd never heard of this British show - apparently there's a Canadian version, but I do so love the charm of UK TV.

It's kind of like What Not To Wear on speed, and, of course, the finale is nude. What a refreshing show! Everyone has body hang-ups, but everyone has a fantastic gift in their body that is worth celebrating. It was great food for thought as the weekend wound down, and made me all that more excited to celebrate my body by fuelling it with healthy, delicious, nutritious foods and do good things for my body, like exercise.

Because while losing weight with an end goal of looking hot is fine in my books, losing weight to be healthier, prouder and kind to your body is also important - and seems likelier to stick in the long run.

How are you going to celebrate your body today? I'm going to wear a cute new dress I dug up, power up with a treat of fresh seasonal fruit, and hit the treadmill. Week 3, here I come!


Deb said...

Love that show, although I haven't seen it in a while. I should look at finding it on the internet, since we don't have cable either.

I'm trying to celebrate my body for what it can do. I realized yesterday that my belly skin is going to hang there for the rest of my life. Going into my first pregnancy at my highest weight ever probably didn't help things. I'm never going to have the "perfect" body, no matter how much weight I lose, but I might be able to do amazing things with it.

Jams said...

Rock it! I haven't seen the show in a long time, but I did like it when I saw it!

Our bodies do so many things for us, and we take advantage of it sometimes. I applaud you taking care of yourself!