Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Veggies for breakfast?

Recently, I've switched from having oatmeal with a banana every morning for breakfast to making a smoothie. The oatmeal helps me stay full, but the smoothie does a pretty good job of holding me over, plus, I can sneak in a few extra fruit and veggie servings first thing in the morning.
I've been adding a handfull of spinach to my usual mix of half a banana, half a cup of plain, non-fat yogurt, some fruit (pineapple, berries, whatever we've got) and a splash of juice. I also put a teaspoon of olive oil in, to help meet the daily oils requirement for WW.
Yesterday I had the mix of fruit-to-veg just right, and I couldn't even taste the spinach. This morning, I about doubled the amout of spinach, and it was like drinking a salad. A little bit funny tasting, but not as bad as one might think.
I like getting an extra veg serving in first thing in the day. I love fruit, and have no problem getting several servings in, but veggies? Not as much. I usually have a serving of vegetables with lunch and one or two more with dinner. Sometimes I snack on carrots, but that's not the norm. I definitely need to up my veg intake, and I'm looking for some new ways to do it.
How do you get veggies in to your daily diet? Do you add them to your smoothies? Any ideas for me about what else I could be putting in there? I've also thought about adding pumpkin to my oatmeal in the fall. Have you tried that?


Jams said...

I'm pretty good at getting my veggies in. Most mornings I'll have an egg white scramble, full of veggies (it's more veggies than it is eggs). I use spinach, peppers, onions, potatoes (yes, it's a veggie!)... I've also thrown tomatoes in there. Some people throw in broccoli, etc. I haven't been that creative.

For lunch, I eat a huge salad before my main meal. That gets in another few servings. Then I use veggies as dinner sides of course.

I've never tried spinach in a smoothie, even though it's the rage online! :)

Erin B said...

For what it's worth I make high iron (but higher in fat) muffins for A with pumpkin in them. Zucchini's a veggie too.

Deb said...

Pumpkin is great in oatmeal. Especially if you add in some cinnamon. I usually have some raisins in it as well. Yummm.

I have to ask, does the spinach make your smoothie green? It seems like a good idea, but I can't get over the idea of drinking a green smoothie... (I know I'm being ridiculous, but it's true.)

Meg said...

Deb - if I put darker coloured fruits like berries in, no, it's not green. But this one was!

Frank said...

Assorted veggie sticks with hummus is a great snack and an easy way to get those veggie numbers up.