Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Chicken Wings Attack

Last night Gary and I met my parents and my brother for dinner. We were early, and hungry, and wings were on special. So we ordered some - 10 teryaki and 10 salt and pepper. We figured that my parents would arrive within 10 minutes, and they did, but my brother runs on his own special time so god only knows when he would show up.

My brother showed up about 40 more wings (and roughly an hour) later. Of course, I ate more than my fair share of them. I drank two pints of beer. And then I ordered dinner - a steak sandwich with mashed potatoes.

I ate myself sick last night. I went to bed with an incredible tummy ache. I don't even LIKE wings, but I was hungry. I hadn't been into what I packed for lunch so I snacked on fruit in the afternoon and arrived for dinner starving. The truth, though, is that I wouldn't have turned down the wings even if I had eaten lunch - I just can't bring myself to pass down food that is directly in front of me.

I could have asked everyone not to order them, but we were ALL hungry. Usually an appetizer is too expensive and we pass, but these were 20 cents each. I have a thousand excuses, but it boils down to smelling the food, seeing the food, and then eating the food - and not stopping.

Do you have any tips on how do deal with this situation? I can't live in a cave and I'm a social creature - and most of my social engagements take place at restaurants. Strangely enough, I can handle a buffet, I can handle cocktail parties, but if the food is directly in front of me I cannot resist.


Anna said...

I'd say to listen to your body and let it tell you if you're hungry, but it wouldn't be much help in this case since you WERE hungry!

On such occasions, I usually ask my boyfriend to keep an eye on me to keep me accountable (it's important that your family and friends know how much this means for you!). Sometimes it doesn't work, because he's very absent-minded, but as a general rule, it's not bad!

Gary said...

So the problem is when the food is directly in front of you? …. .. Hmmm ….. I have decided that next time the wings will go between your Dad and me. That way we can take care of them all! Though that doesn’t help me :(

Happy Fun Pants said...

Ugh. I have the same exact problem.

Last night my BF and I went to a place that had fries (truffle oil with parmesan cheese on top) on special. The plate came and they were HUGE.

I ate half of an appetizer that would've fed a whole family in Etheopia.

THEN I ate my dinner.

My tummy hurt last night I feel you.

As for tips? I don't have any. :(

Josh Healy said...

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bre said...

My tip is to eat slower... sometimes it's more successful for me than others. But I find if I'm taking small bites and chatting lots (shocking I know) - other people eat the food. And I still eat some, just not quite so much. Also, specifically with chicken wings, I clean my fingers in between each wing, this also takes extra time, and makes me more hesitant to get them immediately sticky again.

Sometimes if I know there's going to be tempting food right there I'll have a snack before we go out too - that way I'm not inhaling whatever's served!

Rapunzel said...

Wish I had some advice but, alas, I found myself in the same predicament this week. I ate the chicken wings as well as some potato skins, a mozzarella stick and a few onion rings. Ugh!

Soon-To-Be Skinny Girl said...

Wow. Reading this is almost scary... Sounds so much like me! I buckle when I'm around food. It could be something I don't even really love..but if it's in front of me...I want to eat it.

The only thing I've found is to stay away from restaurants...which sucks. I've started cooking and inviting friends over for dinner. This way I know what I prepare is healthy.

But, it is hard to do and still be socially "fun".

Anonymous said...

We went to Indian today for lunch (buffet). Had a small breakfast so I could use my points for lunch. First round half of my plate was salad then small tablespoons of the others including butter chicken...mmmmm, asked for Naan without butter. THEN, went for 2nds :( Bad, bad, bad, bad girl. I overdid it even though it didn't look like much, I should have stopped at the first plate. I was waiting for about 10 min thinking I wasn't full enough. I need help too. I think if I waited about 5-10 more min, I wouldn't have gone back for 2nds.

Keep it up Meg, you are doing great.


Anonymous said...

I have the same issue. But sometimes (not always!!) I overcome it. Usually it takes a little planning and good eating that day. But mostly, the kicker for me is the thought of how proud I'll be of ordering well, and how I'll look to the people I'm eating out with or the waitress, etc. I know it's pretty superficial, but it works to think that you can be proud in front of people for the way you are eating.


Lauren said...

Maybe also order a healthier appy at the same time? I know they are usually expensive, but $10 would save you a tummy ache (and the heartache) from eating all those things.

Other than that, life happens. One meal out of 21 (plus snacks) in a week isn't the end of the world. You got past it :)