Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Early to bed, early to rise

This morning Gary was up and off to the gym at 6:00. I got out of bed minutes after he left, brushed my teeth and popped in a yoga DVD. I love stretching in my PJ's while the sun slowly rises.
Last winter, my former job was so stressful that I took to doing a relaxation yoga DVD in the mornings before work simply to de-stress before the mania began. I assume that normal morning yoga is a little more energetic, with the intention of getting the blood flowing and the mind ready for the day ahead. I still love my Candlelight Yoga routine, with its calming music and gentle stretches, but I do think something a little more vigorous would help wake me up.
There's an abs class I'd like to start going to in the mornings, but it starts at some ungodly hour - like 6:15 or 6:45. Left to my own devices, I would get out of bed at 8:30 every morning, but obviously on work days, that doesn't fly.
We're coming up on another time change, and I had a brilliant idea yesterday. If I get myself in the habit of getting up early now - like 6:00 - when the clocks roll back, it'll be that much easier to continue getting up at 6:00. Or even 5:30. I do love mornings, and I find it much easier to slide into the day rather than sprint in late and unprepared.
Are you a morning person? I go to bed at 10:00 every night, so in theory, I am getting more than enough shut-eye, but I'm still not an early riser by nature. There is something quite appealing about getting up with the birds and having some relaxation time to myself in the mornings, though...and getting that workout out of the way before 8:00!


IslandGurl27 said...

So NOT a morning person! Kudos to you for even doing the yoga routine! I tried to work out in the mornings. I even slept in my workout gear...it didn't happen. I have to do it as soon as I get home from work. So I have a little something to eat on my way home, then before checking email or anything I change and do a DVD. Or I go to the gym that I have to pass on my way home. I wish I could do it in the morning, but it just doesn't work. Good luck!

RescuingLisa said...

I love the sound of morning yoga - unfortunately morning activity is not for me - I already wake up at 5am every morning for work - leave at 6 (it takes me 2 hours to commute to work if you can believe it!).

I like the idea of fooling yourself (and your body clock) with the time change!

Meg said...

Lisa, I can't imagine a 2 hour commute! I work and live on the same street - it's a 15 minute walk. I can't even imagine how you do it...