Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am full of them.

But you know what I realized today? That every time I say:

-I'm too tired
-I'll do it tomorrow
-I have work to do
-I should clean the kitchen instead
-It's just one cookie, I'll make up the points later
-The gym will be busy, I hate that
-I deserve a break
-I deserve a treat
-I'll do better tomorrow
-I've always been this size, it'll never change
-I can't do one more rep/minute/circuit, I'm too tired
-I'll never make it
-I'll never succeed, might as well save myself the trouble
-I'll be late
-I need ten more minutes of sleep
-I'd rather take a break
-I need some 'me time' to relax
-I don't have clean socks
-Just one skipped day/treat/fast food lunch/bite won't kill me
-I can't sprint/do hills/stretch further, it'll be uncomfortable
-I can't run/hike/lift/go to step class, I'm too fat

I'm really saying this isn't a priority in my life.

Is losing weight, improving my fitness and being healthy a priority?


But am really and truly treating it like one?

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Jams said...

That's very wise! So, let me ask this... What needs to happen for you to make it a priority in your life? :)