Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Weight is Falling Off

Yes, it's cheesy. :)

I was raised by two teachers, and while I'm not one (no patience for 'but I don't GET it!') I do have a lingering obsession with stationary products and sticker-based reward systems.

For months now, every day that I exercise, I put a star sticker on our calendar. Gary circles the days he goes to the gym in red sharpie.

I usually win because I am AWESOME.

I have to walk past that calendar dozens of times a day. It's what I see in the morning enroute to my coffee, when I'm checking my makeup, when I'm on my way to the kitchen for a snack. It keeps me going, and is also a great check in - if there aren't many stars on the calendar, I'd better step it up.

We were at Michaels on the weekend and after I browsed through the needlework section, I got lost in the Scrapbooking Aisles. Holy mackerel! I caved, and picked up some new stickers.

These are totally amazing stickers.

There are 25 sparkly leaves on my sheet of stickers, and I want them all on the calendar by the end of the month. So, instead of setting any September goals, this month I'm simply aiming for regular activity. I already work out, but I want it to be part of my daily life. I'll get a sticker for every day that I earn "activity points" - be it spin class, yoga, running, Zumba, or simply, a walk in the park with my boyfriend (not a leisurely one, though!).

I know that exercise is going to be the key for me. Eating healthy and tracking are also super important, but I want to be slim AND toned.

By the end of September, the calendar is going to be totally covered in leaves. At least these ones I don't have to rake up!


Anonymous said...

The teacher in me LOOOOVES this idea. I may (Gasp) steal your idea. Not only for me, but my boyfriend keeps complaining about the little pot belly he's gained over the last year.

Challenge on, Boy!!


Alice said...

Congrats on the pretty stickers and setting a good goal for yourself. You're going to rock it and next month you'll have to get pumpkin stickers!

Katy said...

I'm not a teacher, nor was I raised by teachers, yet the sticker reward system still gets me going too. Makes me feel like I'm in 2nd grade again. lol

IslandGurl27 said...

Your blog (and especially this post) totally inspires me! I check everyday. I'm on the WW boards as well, but I really like your honesty in your blog and I am going to totally steal that calendar idea...I'm going to put mine (with pretty magnets) on the fridge...extra incentive when I head there for snacks! Keep it up!