Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WI # 16 - Wednesday, September 8. 2010

This morning, the scale and I are not friends.
After a week that included 3 spin classes and a run and and only ONE day where I didn't log any activity points; a week where I stayed on plan and within my points even while enjoying a full-out turkey dinner and a weekend away...I stayed the same.
I have been inching along. This week, no change; last week, down .4, the week before, down .2. I know, I'd rather be down .6 lbs than up after 3 weeks, but it's really discouraging to try so hard and for the results to be so slow.
This is where I'd give up, in the past. Working this hard for little payoff is frustrating. But I really, really want this. I just really wish it was happening just *slightly* faster!


Anonymous said...

Don't give up...just do the normal things everyone always suggests (you know...we do the points quiz, switch up your foods, drink more water, try different activity, blah, blah, blah:).
You'll get there, Meg, I know you will.


Deb said...

That scale needs to be taught a lesson. Slap it around a bit...

On a more serious note:

That sucks. You deserved a loss, whether it happened or not.

It's good that you're recognizing the fact that it makes you want to give up, yet staying determined.

Remember, some of the most important changes we make aren't physical ones. So much of this is a mental game, and even if you didn't get the physical reward of a lower number, you're still changing things in your mindset.

Rapunzel said...

Hang in there, Meg, you can do this! I know you've heard the adage about how muscle weighs more than fat, right? Do your clothes feel differently? Don't give the scale too much power, ok?

Jams said...

Change something up Meg! Eat a bigger breakfast and smaller lunch & dinner... or something. Rev up your activity intensity or do a few extra minutes each day!

And most importantly... just keep doing the right things. If you focus on the changes, the results will come!