Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WI # 17 - Wednesday, September 15

This morning I was pleased with the results of my weigh-in. I was down 1.6 lbs, which is much more than I've lost in about a month. I'm still 1 pound (ONE MEASLY POUND!) from my 10% goal, which I do find frustrating, but yesterday I was shredding away and had a thought.
I'm slimmer than I was four weeks ago. I know, because I take my measurements regularly, and I'm wearing clothes that didn't quite fit properly in August, even though I've lost less than 3 pounds. The clothes that did fit are getting looser every single day.
I'm anxious to spend some money on my reward shopping spree, but I guess if it takes me longer to get to the number on the scale, I might actually be smaller by the time I get there. Does this make sense? Today is crazy. I need more coffee.


Jams said...

It does make sense! Exercise will do that to you!

When I made it to my goal in 2005, I did so without very much exercise. I was happy in the size I was in then.

When I did it this time, I exercised consistently, both cardio and strength training... and I'm wearing sizes that are MUCH smaller than I ever expected.

Keep up the activity, it will change your body shape! Congrats on the 1.6 pounds! :)

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Measuring yourself is a great way to see success. I've never done it when attempting to lose weight before, but now I have and love it!

Congrats on your great loss. Keep at it and you'll get your 10% soon enough!

Anonymous said...


You had left a comment after me on Jenna's (of That Wife) and upon finding out that you are also a Calgarian, I couldn't leave without saying "hi!"

Congrats on almost making 10%! I went to weight watchers during my last year of high school and it helped me fit in my grad dress. You can do it! :)

P.S. I added you to my google reader!

Deb said...

Congrats on breaking your plateau. That 10% is so close now. It's nice to hear that your body is changing. The scale isn't the only measure of success. Sometimes the most tangible one, but not even the most important.