Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 2:30 Pastry Craving

Every day at around 2:30, an intense craving for baked goods hits me like a pillowcase full of doorknobs. It has to be pastry. Cookies. Tarts. Scones. I don't know why I crave the carby goodness (uh, it's delicious?) at the same time every day, but I do.

I work hard to avoid it. I often ask myself, "are you actually hungry?"

The answer is no. But wouldn't a vanilla sugar cookie or a piece of baklava taste *awesome* right now?

Thanks, self.

I've tried building room into my diet to accomodate a daily treat. This works, but I'd rather build up the willpower to say no. Cookies and pastries should be a sometimes food, a treat, not an everyday occurance.

I've tried quitting cold-turkey - no sweets at all. This works, but only for a couple weeks.

I've tried packing an extra fruit or veggie snack to munch on mid-afternoon. This sometimes works. And then sometimes, I go for the sugar hit anyway.

I've decided that for the next few weeks, I'm going to try to use self-talk and a hot cup of tea (with splenda) to try to break this habit. I don't need to snack. I'm not hungry. I'm antsy. I want the work day to be over. I'm looking for a distraction.

Any advice? Another option is to find some low-point, reasonably healthy pastry-like treats. Any suggestions for those?


Jams said...

I tend to spread my lunch out... so that I never have that "lull" where I'm thinking "oh, that would be so good."

For example, my lunch usually consists of a huge salad, a sandwich of some sort (usually eaten open faced - hey it's like it's 2 sandwiches really), a piece of fruit, and a yogurt.

So at 12:30 I'll have my salad... then at 1:30 to 1:45 I prepare and eat my sandwich... followed by my fruit at 2:30 to 2:45 and finally the yogurt at 3:30 or so.

I love to eat.

I bet the hot tea will help though.

Lady Churl said...

I can't live without a mid-aft smackerel either, so I'll share a tip I got from the post-fab princess ages ago: biscotti. They're reasonably low cal (say, 100-150 cals. for a big honkin' cookie), yummy and so frickin' satisfying. The Nonni's brand are particularly yum, imho.

Carmen said...

Thinsations fudge drizzle cookies are delish and only 2pts. The WW soft chocolate chip cookies are alright and only 1pt. I also found that a low-fat-stir-it-yourself hot chocolate is good now and again and only has 1pt when made with water! (The carnation brand at least.)

Rapunzel said...

I, too, have been "using" hot tea for that afternoon sugar-craving. If you get the flavored (herbal) teas it helps a lot!

RescuingLisa said...


I had to get rid of my morning lattes because they were eating up too many of my points. So I replaced them with green tea.

I was miss grumpy pants for the first 2 weeks, but now that its been about 2 months, I am happy that I have divorcedlattes from my diet.

Just be prepared to be grumpy for the next couple weeks :)

Anonymous said...

Angel food cake mix, made with diet pop (or flavored sparkling water), made into cupcakes. If you can get about 30 out of the batch, which is pretty simple, each one is only 1 point... add a spoon of fat free cool whip for free, and you're in business!

Meg said...

These are all great suggestions! Thanks, everybody. I do love biscotti...and those cupcakes look fab!

Lisa = I'd give up pretty much anything before I'd give up my lattes.

Lauren said...

Any boxed cake mix with any can of diet soda makes for really delicious 2 point cupcakes! I love chocolate w/Diet Dr Pepper or Diet cherry Coke.

Also, while they may not be the healthiest, I love Weight Watchers mini bars, especially the Red Velvet one. Yum!

Deanna said...

100 Calorie Fiber One bars are so awesome. Very filling, lots of fiber (duh) and sweet! And the best part? ONE FREAKIN' POINT! The chocolate peanut butter ones are my favorite, but there's just chocolate too.