Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back at 'er

Yes, I am recovering from the Thanksgiving Binge of 2010.
Yesterday's spin class was a good one. My favourite spin instructor at World Health is Ashley B, who teaches on Wednesdays. I don't know exactly why, but her personality, combined with the music she picks and the really high intensity drills she does make her class undoubtedly my favourite. Next week she's teaching on Monday AND Wednesday - hurray!
I've managed two great on-plan days, with a healthy weekend planned. Tomorrow night we're having some friends over for dinner and I'm doing a cheese fondue, which isn't exactly the healthiest option, but I do plan to fill up on salad and veggies and keep my french-bread dipping to a minimum. I also have a schwack of weekly points I've planned to save for the night so I should be in good shape.
I need to work on getting more water in, and also stretching a little bit more. My knee is quite sore from a running workout on Tuesday morning and yesterday's intense spinning, so I'm taking today off the exercise and look forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow.
How is your week going?

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Deb said...

Way to go on getting back on plan!