Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I could eat a horse

This afternoon feels like the longest afternoon of my life. I think the last ten minutes has been about four years long.
I went to spin class today over lunch. I had planned out my meals for the day and decided on a protein smoothie for lunch. For breakfast I had oatmeal with a banana, and I had yogurt and a small granola bar for a snack before class. I've also eaten an apple with 2 tbs of peanut butter and downed 2 L of water, and I am STARVING. Usually this tides me over all day, but right now I could eat. I could seriously, seriously eat. I think I have some cup a soup in my desk drawer - that might be the only thing saving me from hitting the pastry case at starbucks like there is no tomorrow.
Tonight we're having barbecued steak, roasted acorn squash and sauteed mushrooms for dinner. And now my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I like to eat a lighter dinner the night before weigh-in, and my fingers are crossed for tomorrow morning.


Carmen said...

Good luck! I'll send light thoughts your way!

Chicky said...

oh man...I was totally having that day yesterday. I think because I started working out in the morning again.
But I was sooooo hungry, and I was eating all my healthy food.
I caved for some Cherry Blasters, and then went home for a planned dinner.
Stick in there...

BlossomBelle said...

Good save. Some days are just hungrier than others. I stock up with things that seem like Im eating a lot, like grapes, peas, or popcorn. Good luck tomorrow!

SmilingErin said...

I feel your pain!
I notice from your food list there aren't any green-leafy veggies - I know a salad is not usually particularly filling on it's own, but maybe your body is craving some bulky fibrous veggies. Try adding a spinach salad or something with your lunch :) Now, I will try to take my own advise! It's so much easier to see from the outside than the inside lol